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Dune: Part Two Review: The Rise of Paul Atreides

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After the success of Dune: Part One, Dune: Part Two has been anticipated by fans ever since it was announced. Dune: Part Two is all about Paul Atreides finding himself and becoming the man he is supposed to be. Paul has many challenges to face in this film, including the Harkonnen family who killed his father. Flanked by him is the returning Chani, his mother Lady Jessica, and the rest of the Fremen people. With all of this and a bigger budget, does Dune: Part Two live up to the hype?

First, we have to mention how gorgeous this film is. The cinematography is absolutely breathtaking. There are many shots where you will be amazed at what you're looking at. The locations picked in this film fit what Dune should be. The desert is perfect for what the film needs. The desert is its own character which shows how crucial it was to film in the right location.

Dune: Part Two is all about Paul Atreides. Paul goes on a journey to find himself and become the man he is supposed to be. Timothee Chalamet gives his best performance in this film. The range of emotions Chalamet shows is impressive and deserves praise. Flanking by Paul's side is Chani (Zendaya), Lady Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson), and the Fremen people. Zendaya gives a good performance as Chani. The relationship between Paul and Chani is one of the highlights of the film. Rebecca Ferguson gives a great performance as Lady Jessica. She goes through a lot this film just like Paul. Lady Jessica goes through a change that doesn't just affect her but Paul as well. This change leads to a big impact throughout the film.

Opposite of Paul and the Fremen are the Harkonnens, the Emperor, and Princess Irulan. New character Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen played by Austin Butler is undoubtedly the most interesting of all. Butler's transformation is quite impressive. The hair and make up team did an impressive job making Butler unrecognizable. Butler's looks werent't the only thing that were unrecognizable as Feyd. Butler channeled a different energy other than Elvis to play this character. Feyd's voice is creepy and gives you chills. My only complaint with Feyd's character is that I feel like he didn't get enough time to showcase how much of a badass he is. He deserved more of a backstory and time to show who Feyd truly is. But with the screen time he was given, Butler knocks it out of the park.

The ending of Dune: Part Two is great and sets up a third film perfectly. Director Denis Villeneuve continues his strong track record of creating memorable sci-fi films. The Dune franchise continues to entertain audiences with its story. Even though Dune: Part Two has slow moments, the film does a great job of creating exciting moments and plot twists you don't see coming unless you have read the book. It is also does a great job of wanting more and the ending does that perfectly.

Grade: B+

What did you think of Dune: Part Two? Leave it in the comments below.

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JJ Sprowl
JJ Sprowl
06 Nis

Agree; great review! I'd have liked to see more of Feyd, too, and understand he was in cut scenes w/ veteran character actor Stephen McKinley Henderson,

Villeneuve seemed mainly to focus on wanting the younger actors to carry the franchise --- maybe he'll bring Feyd back as a ghola or in a dream (since he's already modified the book series with a talking fetus inside Rebecca Ferguson).

In my part of the US, repeat Dune 2 viewers like myself came mainly for Feyd, so showed up after the first time and didn't seat until about an hour in. Although TC and Zendaya were improved in their acting over the first Dune, the screenplay dragged a bit in Dune2 unti…

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