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Gal Gadot to Star as Evil Queen in Disney's Live Action 'Snow White'

Courtesy of Kevin Mazur/ Getty Images

The live action Snow White has found its Evil Queen and it will be Gal Gadot. Gadot previously known for her heroics as DC hero Wonder Woman, will now be able to show her evil side as the Evil Queen. Disney has already found its Snow White with Rachel Zegler being cast in June.

Snow White will follow the same story from the 1937 classic Disney animated film. The story follows an orphan named Snow White, living with her Evil Queen stepmother. The Evil Queen attempts to poison her with an apple. Snow White receives help from the seven dwarfs to escape the Evil Queen and she finds love and lives happily ever after.

Snow White will be directed by Marc Webb. Webb is best known for directing the Andrew Garfield The Amazing Spider Man films and 500 Days of Summer. According to Variety, production is expected to begin in 2022. Disney has not released a date for the film yet.

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