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'Halloween Kills' Review: Will Michael Myers Ever Die?

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Halloween Kills is the latest film in the Halloween franchise. It takes place on the same night the 2018 version of Halloween took place. Michael survives the fire the Strode family lit and is on a path for more destruction.

The film features some of the most brutal kills in the entire franchise. Michael Myers is even more brutal in this movie compared to the others in the franchise. Every kill is more brutal as the film goes on. The kills reminded me of a slasher film. A lot of gore and blood are shown with disturbing imagery. The film definitely earns its title.

The story of Halloween Kills is lackluster. The film takes place after the events of Halloween (2018). It is still Halloween night and Michael Myers survived the fire the Strode family lit to kill him. Michael is on a path of more destruction. The film suffers from middle child syndrome. We know that the third film in this sequel Halloween Ends will come out in 2022. We know Michael doesn't die in this movie and that took the excitement out for me. I knew every scene with Michael, he was killing someone. It was obvious and made the story lackluster. The real question to come out of this film is: Will Michael Myers ever die? There's a scene at the end of the film that makes me ask this question. I won't spoil it but you'll know when you see it. Michael Myers is becoming an immortal entity. With every kill, Michael becomes stronger and harder to kill. That proves true in the final scene. With Halloween Ends, the fate of Michael Myers is up in the air and the only person that can end this nightmare is Laurie Strode.

Characters from the 1978 film appeared in this film. Tommy Doyle, Lonnie Elam, Lindsey Wallace, and Marion are all in this film. A CGI'd Samuel Loomis appears in the film as well. That was probably the best moment of the film. Everything else is predictable that makes this film worth skipping. The kills are awesome but everything else doesn't work. It's also not as scary. I knew everytime Michael Myers was appearing and killing someone. If you are not a Halloween fanatic, I suggest you don't watch this film and wait for the ending of this saga next year.

Halloween Kills stars: Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Andi Matichak, and Anthony Michael Hall. This film is out now in theaters and streaming exclusively on Peacock.

Rating: 2.5/5

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