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'Hawkeye' Episode 4 Review: Partners, Am I Right?

Courtesy of Marvel Studios

Episode 4 of Hawkeye premiered today on Disney Plus and it started off with a bang. Last episode ended with Clint being threatened with the Ronin sword from Jack. This episode starts with the exact scene but the situation quickly diffuses when Eleanor recognizes Clint as Hawkeye. They sit down for a quick chat and Kate tells Eleanor and Jack that Clint is her partner for a secret mission. Eleanor is concerned for her daughter's safety and tells Clint to keep her daughter safe. Clint vows to keep Kate safe and wants to know she is safe before returning home to his family.

Kate decides to cheer up Clint with a Christmas movie marathon he was supposed to have with his family. Clint shows her a couple of tricks he can do and teaches Kate how to do them. An emotional conversation is had after this where Clint talks about his best shot. His best shot was the one he didn't take. He is talking about Natasha Romanoff. In this scene, you can see the love Clint has for her and how her death truly impacted him. You can see he is still grieving and misses her deeply. It is also revealed to Kate that Clint is the Ronin. She doesn't seem surprised he is the Ronin and understands what he did. After that emotional conversation, Clint heads off to see Kazi and talks to him about Maya. Clint doesn't want to see anyone else die and knows Maya will die if she keeps chasing Ronin. Kate heads to the park to find the larpers who agree to help Kate find Clint's trick arrows.

Clint gets his trick arrows back and discovers the location of where the Rolex is that was stolen from the Avengers Compound. Clint and Kate head to the location to take the Rolex back. Kate sneaks in the building and finds the Rolex, but it is a trap as Maya was waiting for her. As Maya appears to fight Kate, Clint is fighting someone as well. This person is wearing all back with a mask on. Kate uses a zip-line created by Clint to escape Maya and help Clint. Maya uses the zip-line as well and fights Kate on the roof. The mysterious person starts to fight Kate and throws her off the roof. Clint is concerned the same way he was for Natasha, but luckily Kate is okay. Kate asks Clint to bring her back up but Clint decides to let her go. We can't help but think he is doing this because he couldn't do this for Natasha. Kate refuses to leave and goes back on the roof to help Clint. She shoots a trick arrow and that causes a mini explosion. Kate shoots Maya with an arrow and Maya runs away. The mysterious person fights Clint and the mask comes off. The person underneath the mask is Yelena Belova, the sister of Natasha Romanoff. Yelena repels down the roof into the darkness.

Clint doesn't know that Yelena is Natasha's sister and believes someone hired an assassin for Black Widow. Clint tells Kate to go home and that they are not partners. Clint doesn't want to see Kate get hurt and by being his partner, she will be hurt. That is where episode 4 ends.

Episode 5 looks to be intriguing as we finally know Yelena is in the show. Yelena wants to avenge her sister's death and that means killing Clint. It will be interesting to see if Clint has a chance to explain what really happened to Yelena. We will see if Yelena will still want to kill Clint or forgive him. There are only 2 episodes left. We will see if the show has anything up their sleeve involving a big man in a suit. This was another good episode that furthers the story and introduces Yelena to the Hawkeye world.

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