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'House of the Dragon' Episode 9 SPOILER Review

Courtesy of HBO

After the death of King Viscerys in episode 8, fans have been anticipating the upcoming war between Alicent and Rhaenyra. Last episode it seemed that Alicent and Rhaenyra have made amends, but with Alicent misinterpreting Viscerys' last wish with him wanting Aegon to become king, it seems those amends have been broken. The war is coming and the throne is up for grabs between Aegon and Rhaenyra. What was the aftermath of Viscerys' death? Let's break it down.

The episode starts with Alicent finding out Viscerys has died. She is overcome with sadness. She tells Otto that Viscerys wished for Aegon to become king. Otto holds a meeting with the council and tells them King Viscerys is dead but his final wish was for Aegon to become King. One lord challenges this statement and doesn't believe Otto or Alicent. When you challenge the Queen, bad things happen to you. The lord gets killed by Sir Criston Cole. No consequences happen for Criston as he is celebrated for his act except for the Lord Commander. The Lord Commander then walks away and tells the council he can't be a part of what is happening.

The council suggests killing Rhaenyra and her family. They say this because a living challenger invites war and bloodshed to them. Alicent refuses to kill Rhaenyra and her family. She states that Viscerys would have never wanted this. Alicent looks for Aegon but he is missing. There are two teams looking for him. Otto has Aegon's protector looking for him and Alicent has Criston and Aemond look for him. Criston and Aemond go to a brothel to see if Aegon is there. They find out he was there earlier but has left. The brothel owner then flirts with Aemond as he looks on uncomfortably.

Otto then holds a meeting with the other houses in the Seven Kingdoms. He tells them that Viscerys has changed his mind and wants Aegon to become King. Many of the other houses have agreed to bend the knee for Aegon but some are loyal to Rhaenyra. Since they won't bend their knee to their new King, Otto sentences these people to death. One of the Lords tries to escape King's Landing but is stopped by knights. He is questioned by Otto as to why he is leaving King's Landing in a hurry. The Lord has no answer and Otto quickly sentences his knights to give him the King's justice which basically means this Lord is dead.

Alicent visits Rhaenys and just like the whole episode tells her that Viscerys has wished for Aegon to become King. Rhaneys has been locked up in her room at King's Landing. Alicent wishes for the Targaryen and Velaryin houses to be aligned. Rhaneys basically says hell no to Alicent's request of aligning houses.

Otto meets with The White Worm and finds out where Aegon is. Criston, Aemond, and Aegon's protector find him at the same time. A fight breaks with Criston and Aemond winning. Aegon states he does not want to be King. Aegon gets convinced to go back home instead of running away and assume his duties as King.

Rhaenys escapes her room with the help of some knights. It is now time for Aegon's inauguration as King. Everything seems to be going well as Aegon puts on the King's crown for the first time. As Aegon is announced as King, the crowd erupts in cheers for the new King. Aegon is starting to realize that being a King has its perks. Suddenly a dragon appears and destroys everything. Rhaenys is riding the dragon and looks at everyone on the stage signaling a war is coming. That is the end of episode 9.

Episode 10 is the final episode of Season 1. Rhaenyra, Daemon and their children are back next episode. Battle lines are drawn and first preparations of war will be seen. Since this is a Thrones show, will we see a big death? I don't think we will. I think the big deaths will be coming next season as the war rages on. With Aegon becoming the new King, the battle for the Throne is finally here and a war is coming.

Grade: A-

What did you think of episode 9 of House of the Dragon? Leave it in the comments below.

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