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'Ordinary Joe' Episode 5 Review: Mask on Mask Off

Courtesy of NBC

The fifth episode of Ordinary Joe premiered last night on NBC. The episode took place during Halloween which is fitting for the title of the episode. Masks were put on and off this episode. Here's a recap of what happened to each Joe in this episode.

Let's start with Rockstar Joe. Last episode Joe and Jenny saw their son for the first time. They discovered he was disabled. Joe wants to meet his son at the Halloween carnival at the school, but Jenny seems reluctant. At home, Amy is getting ready for a Halloween fundraiser for her campaign. Amy finds out Joe wasn't home during her trip to Washington DC. She talks to Joe about it and Joe lies to Amy and tells her he was at home writing a new song. At the Halloween fundraiser, Joe babysits Eric's child and we find out through a flashback Eric is bisexual. Joe tells Eric he is ready to date and Eric goes on a date with a man in Amy's campaign. Amy tells Joe to no go to the fundraiser because she wants him to keep a low profile. Joe then goes to Jenny's to see if she wants to go to the Halloween carnival to meet their son. As they are talking, someone takes a picture of Joe and Jenny together. Jenny does not want to go to the carnival and Joe goes on his own. Joe finally meets son Zeke at the carnival and they share a nice moment. Joe donates a ramp and a car to Zeke's family. At the fundraiser, Bobby shows Amy a picture of Joe and Jenny together. Amy starts to question their whole relationship. Bobby and Amy start talking and Bobby invites Amy to his hotel room. Bobby and Amy sleep together. That was the end of Rockstar Joe's episode and it's heartbreaking for both parties. Joe didn't cheat on Amy but Amy doesn't know he has a son so she feels Joe and Jenny are sneaking around together. It will be interesting how this situation is handled next episode.

Nurse Joe and Jenny seem to be getting along swimmingly. Their relationship has been the best it has ever been during the show so far. They are getting ready to move to Atlanta and ask Chris if he wants to move. He is reluctant but agrees to the move because he feels like if they don't move, his parents will no longer be together. Chris has an audition at school for a play. In this audition, the audience gets to see his amazing voice heard for the first time. He gets the lead part in the play but tells his friend he can't do it because he is moving to Atlanta next week. His friend tries to convince Chris to talk to his dad but he won't. Joe throws Chris a surprise Halloween party to say goodbye to his family and friends. At the party, Joe overhears Chris and his friend fighting about the play. Chris tells Joe he got the lead in his play. Chris tells Joe he doesn't want to move to Atlanta. Jenny overhears this and tells Joe and Chris they won't move and she'll stay home. Chris doesn't want that either. Joe tells Jenny that they will stay home and Jenny will move to Atlanta. Joe has always wanted Jenny to pursue her dreams and this is her chance. Jenny agrees to this and leaves that night for Atlanta. Next episode will be interesting to see Joe and Chris adjustment to not having Jenny around.

Cop Joe came off a terrible episode but this one was definitely better. Joe confronts Amy about having an affair with Bobby Diaz. Amy admits to having an affair with Bobby but says the relationship is over. Joe says it made him feel like a jerk bit forgives Amy. Joe then tells Amy about his investigation into Bobby. Amy doesn't understand why they are investigating Bobby because she thinks Bobby is still the victim. Amy gets angry and leaves the conversation. Amy goes to see Jenny and Jenny explains the investigation around Bobby. Amy understands what is happening and feels like a jerk for being mean to Joe. Amy does a little investigating of her own and finds a check to Wayne's sister for $150,000. Amy is surprised to see this and asks Bobby if there were any more interns he has slept with. Bobby lies and says Amy was the only one but Amy knows the truth. Amy gets angry at Bobby and tells him she'll lock up the building. Amy tells Joe everything she found on Bobby and Joe thanks her. They end the episode by kissing and Joe and Amy seem to be back on track.

What did you think of this episode? Leave it in the comments below.

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