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'Space Jam: A New Legacy' Review: MJ > Lebron

Courtesy of Warner Bros Pictures

Space Jam: A New Legacy is the worst movie I have ever seen. I have watched an abundance of movies over the years and nothing is worse than us. I didn't want this to be the worst movie I have ever watched. The movie stars Lebron James, who takes over Michael Jordan's role in the previous Space Jam. I wanted Lebron to succeed in this role, but unfortunately it doesn't work at all. Is it all Lebron's fault? Absolutely not, there are many problems that don't involve Lebron at all. One problem that involves Lebron is his acting. I understand he is not an actor and is one of the greatest basketball players of all time, but he makes Michael Jordan look like an Academy Award winning actor. Lebron's acting is so wooden, it's painful to watch. It's disappointing because he was good in Trainwreck. The small role he had in that movie was very enjoyable and he did a good job. With Space Jam: A New Legacy, Lebron's acting skills regressed. This is not good if Lebron is trying to be a Hollywood player when his basketball career is over.

Like I said, there are many more problems with the movie that don't involve Lebron. The story is absolutely terrible. I don't understand why we needed to see all of Warner Brothers IP in this movie. It's like Warner Brothers is trying to flex how successful they are. It takes away from the movie. I'm trying to watch a basketball game and suddenly I see King Kong in the stands. The villain team in the movie is terrible compared to the Monstars. The Monstars showed their personality in the first movie while The Goon Squad were just bland, generic villains that did nothing for me. Don Cheadle, who played the main villain, Al G. Rhythm, was laughable. His over the top performance is noticeable and distracting. It's like the director told Cheadle to act as over the top as possible and it just doesn't work. Another thing that doesn't work is the soundtrack. When I watch Space Jam, I am reminded of the great soundtrack the movie had. Songs like Fly Like an Eagle, Space Jam, I Believe I Can Fly, and many more made Space Jam a better movie. The new Space Jam suffers from no classic songs. I guarantee 25 years from now, no one will put on a song on their playlist from Space Jam: A New Legacy.

I'll give Space Jam: A New Legacy credit for something. It wasn't a carbon copy of the first one. The story was definitely different with Lebron playing for his son's freedom. Other than that, this movie is an absolute travesty. It should have never been made. This proves Jordan is better than Lebron at everything.

Rating: 0.5/5

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