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'The Tomorrow War' Review

Courtesy of Amazon Studios

The Tomorrow War is the latest movie to be put on Amazon Prime Video. It was supposed to come out in theaters, being distributed by Paramount. Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Paramount decided to sell their movie to Amazon for $200 million dollars. The movie was released on July 2nd. The real question is: Is it any good and is it worth watching?

The Tomorrow War stars Chris Pratt as Dan Forester. Forester is a former veteran, now turned high school biology teacher. During a Christmas party, Forester is watching a soccer game with his family. Suddenly a portal opens on the field and humans from the year 2050 warn everyone in the world of the war in the future. This war is not against humans, it's against aliens known as "White Spikes." These aliens are killing everything in their path and as a results of this, the human population is becoming extinct. A year later and things are not looking good for the human race. A worldwide draft is called by the UN to stop this war and kill the white spikes. Forester is drafted and goes to 2050 to fight in the war.

The concept of the movie is interesting. I know there's millions of movies about humans fighting aliens, but something about this movie made it so original. Chris Pratt is good in the movie. His character is the character he always seems to play, the sarcastic, witty man who has a big heart. The thing that surprised me about this movie is how emotional it was. I expected this to be a non stop action movie with no emotional tones. Of course there's a ton of action, but the emotional parts of the movie made me care and root for Forester. I won't spoil those parts but it was a welcome surprise. The action is good and is filmed very well. It wasn't like in typical action movies where the camera is shaking and there are a million edits. I give director Chris McKay a lot of props for that.

There's some things I didn't like about the film. The character development in this movie is awful except for two characters. The other characters I didn't like and found quite annoying. The worst part of this movie is the CGI. There's some scenes where the CGI looks top notch. Other scenes the CGI looks like it's from a movie from 1999. It's very inconsistent for 2021 and it takes you out of some scenes. There's some silliness in the film, but I totally expected that and it didn't really bother me.

Is The Tomorrow War a great film? No, it isn't. But if you're looking for a fun new movie to watch this weekend, I would watch this one. Between the action, the story, and the emotion in the film, The Tomorrow War was better than I expected.

Rating: 3.5/5

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