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The 'You' Season 3 Trailer is Here and It Looks To Be Its Best Season Yet

The You Season 3 trailer is here and Joe Goldberg has a lot on his plate. Goldberg is now married to his season 2 crush Love Quinn and have a child together. The child is revealed to be a boy in the trailer and that brings up an interesting question. Will the child grow up to be like Joe? But Joe also has a third thing he's dealing with and that is his new crush on his neighbor.

The trailer shows Joe going back to his old ways and stalking his new crush. We do not know the name of Joe's new crush or what she does for a living, but we do know Joe is already fascinated by her. In the past two seasons, Joe was single when he found his new crush but in this season he is married to Love Quinn. That will be an interesting dynamic to watch. It will interesting to see how Love reacts to Joe's fascination with their neighbor.

There's sure to be plenty of murder happening in season 3. One clip from the trailer shows Joe in his storage unit where he held Love in season 2. We see Joe covering up a dead body. Who's dead body could it be? Could it be Love? Could it be his new crush? Could it be someone related to Love or the new crush? We will see as fans have been anticipating season 3 for a long time. Season 3 looks to be You's best season yet. All of these elements should add up for an exciting season with drama and suspense.

Season 3 of You will release on October 15 and will be available to stream on Netflix.

Do you think this will be the best season yet? Leave it in the comments.

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