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DC FanDome Shows Promising First Looks

Courtesy of Warner Bros Pictures

DC FanDome is done and has shown a lot of promising projects for DC. Whether the fans are young kids or adults, there was something for everyone. Starting off the event was the first look at Black Adam presented by Dwayne Johnson and showed more of the cast. Another movie that showed more than expected was The Flash presented by the film’s star Ezra Miller. The trailer gave a brief first look at Michael Keaton’s Bat cowl.

Other upcoming DCEU films had behind-the-scenes first looks. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom showed some of the filming locations and revealed we will see more of Black Manta portrayed by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. Shazam! Fury of the Gods showed a lot more than anticipated. We saw the designs and settings for the film, as well as the first look at Hellen Mirren and Lucy Liu as Hespera and Kalypso. The actors in both films presented them to FanDome.

Animated DC movies got plenty of attention as well. Direct-to-home video films like Injustice were brought up and given first looks and trailers. Super Pets, an animated film more for kids, was teased with a trailer coming in November. Milestone Media announced they will have their own animated film distributed by Warner Bros. It is unknown what the film will be about, but the promo showed some of their known characters including Static Shock, Rocket, Icon, and Hardware.

From the TV side of things, some of the CW shows such as Flash,Superman and Lois, and Batwoman got first looks at upcoming seasons. Supergirl, which is ending, had a final celebration with the cast. The cast of Smallville celebrated 20 years since the show first premiered. For the kids, some animated shows were shown with teaser trailers. Young Justice, the popular DC animated series that was once canceled after two seasons, but came back, got an official trailer for the fourth season, titled Young Justice: Phantoms.

The big upcoming that was heavily focused was Peacemaker, starring John Cena. Cena, as well as director James Gunn and the rest of the cast, shared their thoughts on the show and ended the session with a trailer. Peacemaker will premiere on HBO Max on January 13, 2022. For the animated shows, the main highlights were Harley Quinn, also on HBO Max. Unlike the other animated shows, this is more for adults. Batman The Caped Crusader was also a main focus for FanDome. Bruce Timm, who was behind the well-received Batman: The Animated Series, will be working with J.J. Abrams and Matt Reeves on the new animated show. The style looks more modern, but will do things differently. Batman The Caped Crusader will be on both Cartoon Network and HBO Max.

As for the HBO exclusive movies, the main focus was on Batgirl. Leslie Grace will be playing Batgirl. Grace and the directors, Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, revealed a little bit about the character, the action, and costume. Concept art was shown at the end. Concept art for Blue Beetle was revealed during the Blue Beetle character panel. Static Shock was officially confirmed, with Michael B. Jordan confirmed as a producer. No one has officially been cast as Static Shock yet.

DC FanDome ended the same way as last year’s FanDome. The Batman released a new trailer that showed more. The action looked incredible, especially the car chase between Batman and Penguin towards the end. We saw more of Colin Farrell’s portrayal of the Penguin as well as Zoe Kravitz’s portrayal of Selina Kyle, also known as Catwoman. We also finally got our first look at Andy Serkis as Alfred Pennyworth. Robert Pattinson looks incredible as Batman and looks to deliver an iconic performance. Paul Dano’s Riddler gave more of a horror villain feel this time around. Like last year, the trailer was incredible and makes the film the most anticipated DC movie coming up.

As for disappointments, some fans will be disappointed that no plans for a Superman movie have been announced yet again. No other casting announcements were made for films such as Batgirl and The Flash. No new films were announced for 2023 or 2024, with the focus being more on films currently in production or almost starting production. Patty Jenkins confirmed she is still directing Wonder Woman 3 during the Wonder Woman 80 years panel, but nothing else. Original Wonder Woman actress Lynda Carter was hinted at having involvement in the film. The Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad was also not announced.

All in all, FanDome this year was not as big as last year and did not announce anything new, but gave us some really good first looks of upcoming movies. The teaser trailers got fans excited and the official The Batman trailer ended things with a bang. 2022 will be a big year for DC fans.

What trailer did you enjoy at DC FanDome? Let me know in the comments down below.

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