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Grace Kelly: The Princess of Hollywood

Courtesy of Vanity Fair

When you think of iconic actresses, Grace Kelly is one of the first names that should pop in your head. Her elegance and beauty transcended movies during the 1950s and 60s. But, it wasn't just her beauty that attracted movie goers. It was the way she acted and the movies she acted in. Kelly has starred in some of the most iconic films of all time. But, her career didn't last long. In fact, royalty called her name. Movie goers saw Kelly as a princess and in real life she became an actual princess of Monaco. Unfortunately her untimely death robbed her of living life but her impact in film will be remembered forever.

Grace Kelly was born on November 12, 1929 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A precursor to her later life, Kelly was born into wealth. Her childhood dream was to become an actress and in 1947 she set out to New York to live out that dream. Kelly exceeded her own expectations and in 1952 starred in the legendary Western High Noon starring Gary Cooper. An unknown at the time, Kelly proved she belongs on the big screen. This led Kelly to star in films such as Dial M for Murder and Rear Window. Rear Window made Grace Kelly a superstar in Hollywood. The film became Kelly's iconic role playing Lisa Fremont, the girlfriend of L.B Jefferies. Kelly's beauty and elegance didn't just mesmerize movie goers but it mesmerized Jimmy Stewart. This made Stewart's wife worried that he was going to cheat on her with Kelly.

After Rear Window, Kelly we on to star in To Catch a Thief with Cary Grant. This film continued the legacy of Grace Kelly. It also was the film where Kelly met her husband, Rainier III, Prince of Monaco. They fell in love on the French Riviera where the film was shot. After High Society, Kelly retired from acting and married the Prince of Monaco. Kelly fulfilled her duties as Princess of Monaco until her untimely death in 1982.

Kelly's impact in Hollywood cannot be understated. Her beauty and elegance changed the way how actresses were perceived. Her acting skills also left an impact in the iconic films she acted in. Her retirement left the fans wanting more and in her short time as an actress, she became one of the most iconic actresses in Hollywood history.

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JJ Sprowl
JJ Sprowl
28 apr

Wonderful tribute to Grace Kelly! Thank you! Little girls back in that day had coloring books not of fictional MCU or Disney princess characters who cannot ever be true but taken from Grace Kelly's real life with a focus on her film career. (Grandma kept one in the attic.)

Recently watched her, streaming at home, with Gary Cooper in High Noon. She's in the iconic final scene, background but as the only other character showing, and her face lends gravitas, meaning and purpose to Cooper's final action.

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