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'Hawkeye' Episode 1 and 2 Review: A New Avenger is Born

Courtesy of Marvel Studios

Hawkeye is the latest MCU show to premiere on Disney Plus and the show started with a bang. Episode one introduces us to a young Kate Bishop during the events of The Avengers. Young Kate sees Hawkeye falling off a building while shooting an arrow and feels inspired. Unforeseen circumstances plague the Bishop family and Kate tells her mom to get her a bow and arrow.

We're now introduced to present day Kate and we immediately see her causing trouble with the bow and arrow. She knocks down a bell tower from one of her arrows. That's not a terrible thing for her because her family is rich and can pay for the damages. We now look at Clint Barton and he is sitting at a Broadway show called Rogers The Musical. Rogers The Musical covers the Battle of New York and brings up sad memories once he sees Natasha. Clint is with his kids and promises the best Christmas ever. Those plans change when Clint is thrust into action once he sees someone wearing the Ronin suit he used to wear. Clint investigates and finds out Kate Bishop is wearing the Ronin suit. Clint helps her escape the Tracksuit Mafia but trouble is coming.

We meet Kate's mom Eleanor. Eleanor is the CEO of Bishop Security. Eleanor is engaged to Jack Duquesne who is a wealthy man as well. Kate believes Jack is hiding something from her and Eleanor that can potentially be dangerous to the both of them. Jack's Uncle Armand Duquesne suddenly is murdered after a secret auction at a charity event. That is where Kate found the Ronin suit and started to wear after the Tracksuit Mafia broke in to try and steal a watch. Clint leads Kate back to her apartment but the Tracksuit Mafia find them and set the apartment on fire. Clint and Kate escape without the suit. Clint wants the suit back because he knows how much the suit can cause danger someone if they are seen wearing it. Clint investigates the apartment after the fire with the FDNY and can't find the suit. He eventually finds the suit at a LARP event. Clint gets the suit back and gets himself purposefully captured by the Tracksuit Mafia. Kate tries to call Clint but he doesn't get back to her and Kate figures he's in trouble. Kate crashes onto where Clint and the Tracksuit Mafia are and gets captured as well. The ending of episode 2 shows us a close up of a new character.

This character is Echo. Echo is a character that is deaf but is able to perfectly emulate her movements of others. She is connected to a slew of Marvel characters including Hawkeye. It will be interesting to see her MCU introduction in episode 3.

The first two episodes of Hawkeye set the tone for what the show is going to be. It is going to be a fun show with good action, good laughs, and a good story that introduces a new Avenger. The introduction of Kate Bishop was done very well. The first two episodes tell who Kate Bishop is and why she does the things she does. Hailee Steinfeld is doing a great portraying the character. Jeremy Renner is doing a good job as always portraying Hawkeye. It will be exciting to see how the story plays out and see if there are any surprises as the series goes along.

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