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'Hawkeye' Episode 3 Review: Echoes

Courtesy of Marvel Studios

The latest episode of Hawkeye premiered today on Disney Plus and we finally found out some backstory on who Echo is. The episode starts with a look at Echo at a young age. We find out Echo's real name is Maya Lopez and she has been deaf ever since she was born. She went to school with kids who weren't deaf but still excelled in school. The reason she is after Ronin is revealed as well. Ronin killed her father and her father was a member of the Tracksuit Mafia. Maya is looking for revenge against Ronin and believes Ronin to be Kate Bishop.

The leader of the Tracksuit Mafia was teased episode. In a flashback scene with a young Maya, we see the leader as a big white man wearing a suit. Fans are speculating this could be the notorious villain Kingpin. Kingpin has been rumored to make his MCU debut for a long time now and Hawkeye could be the show where he makes his debut.

We now go back to the present day where we see Clint and Kate being kidnapped. Of course, Clint gets out of the situation and helps Kate get out of the situation as well. A car chase ensues and this was a great car chase. The thing that made the car chase so great was the camera work. The car chase starts with a long one shot take. This made it feel like the viewer was actually with them on the chase and that was great to see. During the chase, we saw Kate use trick arrows. These arrows are not regular arrows but they do some spectacular things. One arrow shot play dough out of it. One arrow exploded a car. One arrow was used as a plunger and this came in handy in the episode. Clint and Kate escape the Tracksuit Mafia during the car chase. During this time, Clint's hearing aid is broken by Echo and the audience gets to experience what Clint hears without the hearing aid. This was a cool part of the episode because the audience gets to experience first hand what Clint is actually experiencing without his hearing aid.

Clint and Kate return to her aunt's apartment and we see an emotional call with Clint's son Nathaniel. Clint promises Nathaniel he will be home for Christmas. We can see Clint wants to be home for Christmas but knows he has to help Kate too. This creates a conflict within Clint that could come out in future episodes. Next, Clint and Kate go to Eleanor's penthouse because Kate wants to check the Bishop Security files to see if Jack Duquesne is a criminal. While checking the files, Clint snoops around the house and runs into Jack. Jack has the Ronin sword pointed at Clint and that is how the episode ends.

Next episode will see Clint and Jack meeting for the first time. There is currently a rumor that Kingpin will make his debut next episode, we'll see what happens. Hawkeye keeps delivering on exciting action and a good story that has future MCU implications.

What did you think of episode 3? Leave it in the comments below.

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