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'Hawkeye' Episode 5 Review: Ronin

Courtesy of Marvel Studios

Episode 5 of Hawkeye premiered today on Disney+ and this episode was my favorite so far. The stakes are getting higher with the reveal of Yelena as the masked woman at the end of episode 4. The episode starts with Yelena in the year 2018 trying to cure another Black Widow. Suddenly when she's in the bathroom, she gets blipped to 5 years into the future. The sequence ends with Yelena asking the Black Widow where her sister Natasha is.

The introduction of Yelena to Hawkeye was done very well and makes this episode exciting. The scene with Kate and Yelena in Kate's apartment is fantastic. Florence Pugh is great as Yelena and the way her interaction starts with Kate had me laughing a couple times throughout the scene. Their banter is pure gold in the beginning but quickly gets serious when Yelena reveals she wants to kill Clint. Yelena reveals she was hired by someone to kill Clint and luckily we find that out later in the episode.

Clint returns to his dark persona Ronin in this episode and decides to meet with Maya. This quickly turns into a fight as Maya only sees the Ronin as the person who killed her father. The fight ends and Clint reveals he is the Ronin to Maya. They have a nice little conversation in sign language about how they are the same. It is revealed that Clint was tipped off about the Tracksuit Mafia and that is why he was there.

Maya is confused and talks to Kazi. Maya asks Kazi where he was the night of her father's murder and his answer is a revelation to Maya. Maya now knows her enemy is not Ronin, it's her boss.

Kate and Clint are in an Uber after Clint's fight with Maya ans Kate receives a text from Yelena. Yelena tells Kate that Eleanor Bishop hired Clint. This is a shocking twist that I didn't see coming. In the back of my head, I always knew that Eleanor was a little shady but this was an awesome twist. It is also revealed that Eleanor is working for Wilson Fisk AKA Kingpin. Kingpin is the master behind this whole operation. Vincent D'Onofrio is back as Kingpin and creates an exciting introduction to the MCU.

The surprising twists creates an exciting finale next week with Clint, Kate, Maya, and Yelena all having a common enemy. Episode 5 was the best episode of Hawkeye and should lead to an exciting conclusion with future MCU implications.

What did you think of episode 5? Leave it in the comments below.

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