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'House of the Dragon' Episode 3 SPOILER Review

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Episode 3 of House of the Dragon left fans with a new appreciation for Daemon. The end of the episode showed Daemon to be a true warrior. Daemon's character has evolved already from episode 1. In the first episode, we perceive Daemon to be the main villain of this story. After this episode, he is not the main villain of this story. He is just a man that has his faults like the rest of the characters in House of the Dragon. He is also one of the best characters to watch along with his niece Rhaenyra. These two characters were a big part of episode 3. Let's break it down.

The episode starts 3 years after the events of episode 2. Viscerys and Alicent now have a son named Aegon Targaryen who is now 2 years old. We are then informed that Alicent is pregnant again. They are celebrating Aegon's 2nd birthday. Viscerys and Rhaenyra's relationship has been strained over these 3 years. Ever since he has married her best friend, they don't talk anymore. Alicent tries to get Rhaenyra to show up to the hunt. Rhaenyra declines but Alicent commands her to come.

Before going to the hunt, Viscerys gets a message that Daemon and Corlys are losing their war against the Crab Feeder and his people. Viscerys dismisses this message as they have been fighting for 3 years and Daemon and Corlys will figure it out. They get to the hunt and Rhaenyra quickly realizes why she is there. Jason Lannister courts Rhaenyra into marriage and fails miserably. Rhaenyra confronts her father about this and Viscerys states that she needs to get married. Rhaenyra feels like she is being forced into marriage and states that she does not want to get married. Viscerys reiterates that she needs to get marriage as soon as possible and because she is now of age. This causes Rhaenyra to run away with Ser Criston Cole chasing after her.

Viscerys feels guilty for pushing Rhaenyra into marriage. After Rhaenyra's mother died, Viscerys made a promise to keep Rhaenyra as heir to the throne no matter if he had a son. Obviously now that Aegon is here, the council wants Aegon to be heir to the throne. This causes tension between Viscerys and his council. Rhaenyra asks Ser Criston if the people will acknowledge her as queen. Cristin says they will have no choice but to acknowledge her. It is obviously clear that the council and the people want Aegon to be the next king once Viscerys dies. Rhaenyra can sense that.

The hunt is done as the King's Guard finds "The White Heart." The White Heart is just a big buck. Except they got the wrong buck as we see Rhaenyra and Criston looking at the real one. Viscerys kills the buck after two tries showing symbolism as his reign as king. Viscerys finally agrees to help his brother and Corlys in the war by sending ships and men.

Daemon gets the letter from his brother saying he will help him in his war. Daemon becomes enraged after reading the letter and kills the messenger. Daemon decides to confront the Crab Feeder himself. He waives a white flag and declares that he and his men are surrendering. But this is all a plan to lure the crab people out and kill them using a dragon. Daemon fights off a ton of the crab people and shows how badass he is. Daemon wanted to prove that he can win the war on his own and doesn't need his brother's help. That is exactly what he does as he takes out everyone in his path. A dragon comes in ridden by Corlys' son Laenor. Daemon then finds the Crab Feeder and kills him, ripping him into pieces. The episode ends on that note and shows that Daemon is not to be messed with.

Every episode of House of the Dragon is establishing this show to be excellent. The Game of Thrones universe is all the way back and is thriving now better than ever. We have interesting characters and interesting storylines that has the audience begging for more after each episode. Next week's episode seems like a juicy one as well.

What did you think of episode 3 of House of the Dragon? Leave it in the comments below.

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