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'House of the Dragon' Season 2, Episode 2 SPOILER Review

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After last week's intense episode of House of the Dragon, fans were left speechless and wondering what will happen next. Would Aegon just kill everyone in his sight? Would he be pissed at Criston Cole for not guarding his wife and children? Would Rhaenyra be in danger? King Aegon's son Jaehaerys is dead and Team Black is being accused of the heinous act. After the idiots Blood and Cheese committed the act, can you blame Aegon for accusing Rhaenyra. After last week's wild premiere, did the second episode live up to the hype? Let's find out.

Episode 2 starts with chaos in the castle. King Aegon is destroying everything in sight. He wants blood and vengeance for the crime against his family. He immediately accuses Rhaenyra of doing this act. Otto dials Aegon back in and says the king has many enemies and that anyone can do this. Aegon basically says Otto is an idiot and tells him he knows Rhaenyra did this. Aegon immediately wants revenge. Otto tells Aegon they can make the people feel bad for him and question their loyalty to Rhaenyra by holding a funeral for Jaehaerys.

Alicent talks to Haelena and tells her there is a funeral for Jaehaerys. Haelena says she does not want to go to the funeral because it is too painful. Alicent says it is her royal duty to go and the people will show sympathy for her. Lord Larys talks to Aegon and mentions they have found one of the men responsible for the murder of Jaehaerys. The man they found was Blood. Blood immediately tells Aegon that Daemon is responsible for this. He also tells Aegon he had a partner with him but doesn't give up who it was. Aegon then takes a club and kills Blood with one blow to the head.

We are now back at Dragonstone and Rhaenyra find out the disturbing news of Jaehaerys's death. Rhaenyra is confused and upset to find out she is being accused of the terrible crime. Rhaenyra wonders who could have done this and sees Daemon giving a guilty look. Rhaenyra and Daemon have a big argument that was years in the making. They talk about everything from Viscerys to Daemon being on the iron throne. Daemon also explains that he gave clear instructions to Blood and Cheese to kill Aemond not Jaehaerys. The whole argument makes Daemon leave Dragonstone to go to Driftmark.

Criston Cole (the most hated character) has a talk with Erryk. Cole is being a bit snarky in this scene as he just got yelled at by Aegon. Cole asks Erryk to do a big favor. He wants Errys to go to Dragonstone and kill Rhaenyra so he can end the war before it begins. Erryk asks how is he going to do that alone. Cole says he will pretend to be his brother. Erryk obliges to Cole's orders and heads to Dragonstone.

Aegon then talks to Otto and Criston. Otto sees that Aegon killed the ratcatchers and patronizes him. He feels that the people's sympathy for him is now gone. Aegon is happy aboout killing all the ratcatchers. Aegon tells Otto that Criston sent Erryk to Dragonstone to kill Rhaenyra. This causes tension between Aegon and Otto and leads to Otto being fired as hand to the king. Aegon then makes the dumbest decision of all time and makes Criston hand to the king. Criston is shocked just like the rest of the audience and quickly acceps the position.

We head to Dragonstone and see Mysaria. She begs for her freedom and she tells Rhaenyra that she would never betray her. Rhaenyra sets her free. As Mysaria is walking to a ship that will take her somewhere, she sees Erryk heading to Dragonstone. Mysaria turns back and warns Arrys of Erryk's arrival.

Erryk arrives to Dragonstone and sneaks around the castle. He eventually gets to Rhaenyra's room as Rhaenyra looks confused. Erryk tries to kill her but is quickly saved by Arryk. They fight for a little bit but Arryk comes out the winner and kills his own brother. After that, Arryk kills himself as he did not want to murder his own brother. The episode ends with Alicent and Criston. Alicent slaps Criston 3 times across the face. If you're thinking Alicent has smartened up, think again. Criston pins Alicent to the wall and makes out with her. We can only assume they enjoyed each other's company again. That is the end of episode 2.

Episode 2 was a good follow up episode to the season premiere. It showed the aftermath of Jaehaerys's death and the direction this season is heading. War is upon us and attempts of murder on key players have already happened. After the attempted assaination of Rhaenyra, how will Rhaenyra respond? What will Daemon do in Driftmark and will he come back to Dragonstone? Hopefully we will find out on the next episode of House of the Dragon.

Grade: A-

What did you think of this episode of House of the Dragon? Leave it in the comments below.

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