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Humphrey Bogart: The King of Noir

Humphrey Bogart was the king of film noir. Some of the best noir films star Bogart. Part of this is because of the story but an even bigger reason is Bogart. Bogart was the perfect lead for these types of films. Bogart played the same type of character in each of these roles but somehow made them feel completely different for each film. Continuing our series on film legends, we take a look at Humphrey Bogart and how he became the king of film noir.

Bogart wasn't always perceived as a leading man. It took some time for Hollywood executives and moviegoers to see him as that. Bogart's big break came in The Maltese Falcon. Arguably known as the best film noir of all time, The Maltese Falcon instantly made Bogart a household name. Bogart's performance in the film proved he can be a leading man. This propelled him to new heights.

Bogart's next film is arguably his best and most famous one. Bogart starred as Rick Blaine in Casablanca opposite Ingrid Bergman. Casablanca is regarded as one of the best films of all time. It even has one of the most quotable lines in history. "Here's looking at you, Kid." Bogart plays a bar owner who is caught up in the crossfire of World War II. In this film, Bogart proved he can be a romantic lead as well.

After Casablanca, Bogart started his legendary collaborations with Lauren Bacall. Bogie and Bacall starred in a total of 4 films together starting with To Have and Have Not and ending with Key Largo. These films led to an affair and eventual marriage between the two. My favorite Bogie and Bacall film is The Big Sleep. Bogart plays private detective Phillip Marlowe in this classic noir film. This is my favorite film from Bogart because of how he plays a character. When I first watched this film, I was amazed at the dialogue. I am a big fan of witty dialogue and this film is a masterclass of witty dialogue. I became an even bigger fan of Bogart after watching this film and made me want to watch all of his other movies.

Bogart's noir films have always resonated with me. Bogart is the main reason for this. His acting style is very natural. He also seems like he isn't acting. I imagine Bogart is exactly like his characters. Tough, witty, and charming is the usual Bogart role. But Bogart has a soft side too. He starred in Sabrina with Audrey Hepburn. Casablanca and Sabrina were the only films you get to see this side of Bogart.

When I think of Humphrey Bogart, I will always remember him for his tough brooding presence on screen. He is an actor you can believe. The roles he plays makes you believe he is that type of person in real life. Bogart's work as an actor makes him legend and influenced a new genre of film-making. Bogart's impact in Hollywood influenced generations of actors and filmmakers.

What do you think of Humphrey Bogart's legacy? Leave it in the comments below.

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In any area of endeavor wether sports , politics, writing, science, engineering and even acting , and may others, there comes along one person who changes everything. They impact and influence all who come after for years to come and they impact the industry they are in. Bogart was and still is that influence. What more can you say about a person’s legacy.

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