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Loki Episode 4: What Does This All Mean?

Photo Courtesy of Marvel Studios

The fourth episode of Loki is now out, titled “The Nexus Event”. Rather than recap the episode (you should watch it before reading, there will be spoilers ahead), I’m going to break down what this episode, and the post-credits scene, means for the future of the show, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole.

What is “The Nexus Event” this episode is referring to?

“The Nexus Event” opens with Sylvie’s backstory, and then her and Loki lamenting over their lives and destinies as Loki variants while the planet they are stuck on crumbles around them. This is an emotional scene, in which the two have a somewhat romantic, hand-holding moment. Loki is the ultimate narcissist, and says so himself, so no surprise he’d fall in love with another version of himself. The TVA is notified that there is a branching path coming from that planet, despite it being in an apocalypse. This makes you wonder: after seeing the post credits scene, if two Loki’s are enough to cause a Nexus event, what will happen when several come together? Could it be enough to spark the new multiverse?

Is Mobius dead?

After Loki tells Mobius that he and all the other TVA agents are actually brainwashed variants, Mobius has a hard time believing him. After all, Loki is the biggest liar in the entire timeline. Mobius gathers some evidence for himself and discovers Loki was definitely telling the truth. Mobius tries to do something about it, but is pruned. Pruning seems like the end, but after Loki is pruned and wakes up in the post credits scene, it can give us hope for Mobius. It would be nice to see him finally ride that jet ski he’s wanted so badly.

Who controls the Time Keepers?

Sylvie decapitates the middle Time Keeper with ease. Too easily. An omnipotent being of their stature should be able to at least deflect the sword she threw at them. When the head rolls towards our variant protagonists, it’s revealed that they were mere robots. Someone has to be controlling them, right? This is where things get crazy. If the Time Keepers are being controlled, then who could it be? My take is that it is most likely Kang the Conqueror. Kang has already been announced as the villain in Ant Man 3, and is a notorious time traveling dictator. He could potentially be a Thanos level threat to the Avengers, and if this show is setting up his appearance, it could be the quintessential Disney+ Marvel show.

That Post-Credits Scene

In the final fight of the episode, against the TVA’s minute men, in front of the Time Keepers, Loki is also pruned, just before he appears to kiss Sylvie, which would probably spark the ultimate Nexus event. He wakes up in what appears to be another version of the battle of New York, from the first Avengers film. It’s at least in a timeline, or possible future, in which the Avengers lost to one of their many villains, and we can tell because their tower is destroyed. He’s greeted by four new characters. Who are they? Four new Loki’s. The eldest, played by Richard E Grant, is wearing Loki’s original costume from his first comic appearance in 1962. He could be the most nefarious Loki of them all. There’s also a child version of Loki, who appeared in Thor #617, and was a reincarnation of the most evil Loki after he died. When reincarnated as a child, this Loki decided to go on a different path- that of good. Most likely why he was arrested by the TVA. He’s also holding a crocodile Loki. There’s also what appears to be a black variant of Thor, wielding a Mjölnir crafted from a wrench and metal beams. but there is no mention of him in the comics whatsoever. My guess is that he is Sigurd Jarlson, one of Thor’s alter ego’s from the comics. The Sigurd disguise saw Thor working construction when he wasn’t fighting gods, and I could see this being the MCU’s take on that. That’s all based upon his weapon choice, however he could just be another Loki altogether. The group is also all carrying bags and backpacks, what could be in them? These Loki’s will surely attempt to find their way off this doomed version of New York, in a similar way to the episode “Lamentis”, and the remainder of the TVA, and whoever really controls them, will be in pursuit.

This show is definitely setting up the reemergence of the multiverse. We already know that it’s coming, due to the name of the next Doctor Strange movie, The Multiverse of Madness. It looks like these Loki’s will be the cause for it.

What do you think this all means? Tell us in the comments below.

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