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'Moon Knight' Episode 2 SPOILER Review: Summon the Suit

Courtesy of Marvel Studios

Episode two of Moon Knight premiered yesterday and the episode left fans excited and intrigued about the future of the series. Episode one introduced the audience to Steven Grant, a down on his luck man who is introduced to alter ego Marc Spector and Moon Knight. We also met Arthur Harrow, a cult like figure who works for the Egyptian Goddess Ammit. Arthur is looking for the Scarab so he can bring Ammit back to life. This week we learned more about Marc and why he is using Steven to help him. Let's break it down in this week's recap.

The episode starts with Steven waking up in his bed after the events of the night in the museum. Steven goes back to the museum and looks over the security footage with the security guard. The footage reveals that Steven's the only one who can see the jackal chasing him. The museum promptly fires Steven for messing up the museum and recommends him to see a doctor.

Steven goes to Marc's storage locker and finds a bag with a bunch of stuff in it. He finds the Scarab, a gun, a passport with the name Marc Spector, and money. Marc Spector appears and tells Steven that he is serving the Egyptian God of the Moon Khonsu. Marc is his avatar which means Steven is also Khonsu's avatar. Steven doesn't care and wants to go to the authorities so he can stop hurting people. Marc urges him not to do that but Steven won't listen. Steven suddenly gets chased by Khonsu and falls on the sidewalk where he runs into Layla.

Steven meets Layla but Layla thinks it's Marc with an accent. Steven assures Layla he is not Marc but Layla doesn't buy it. Steven takes Layla back to his flat. It is revealed Layla and Marc are married but Marc served divorce papers to her. Marc appears in the mirror and urges Steven to not show her what is in the bag. Steven seems to not care until Marc reveals Layla will die if she is shown what is in the bag. Layla shoves Steven to the floor and sees the Scarab in the bag. She decides to take it for herself and it's a good thing she does.

Officers appear at the door asking for Steven. They go into his flat asking where the Scarab is. They find Marc's passport and take him for a ride in their car. They say they are going to the police station but they stop in a neighborhood. It is revealed they are not police officers, they work for Arthur Harrow. Marc appears in the mirror asking for control but Steven refuses. Steven says he will never give up control again.

Arthur takes Steven out of the car and shows him the community. Arthur says this community had the highest crime rate but now they all live in harmony. Arthur reveals he was the last avatar for Khonsu. Arthur says that Khonsu is a liar and the wrong God to follow. Arthur says he needs the Scarab to resurrect Ammit. Arthur asks for the Scarab but Steven says he doesn't have it. Arthur asks Steven if he know who has it and Steven says no but Arthur knows he's lying. Arthur has a cane that has some of Ammit's power. He says he will use if he has to. Layla comes out of nowhere and shows Arthur the Scarab. Layla tells Steven to summon the suit but he refuses. Layla and Steven run away with the Scarab.

Arthur summons Ammit's power and Jackal appears from what looks like hell. Steven and Layla are locked in a room when suddenly the Jackal appears and throws Steven out of the window. Steven finally summons the suit and we finally see Mr. Knight. The jackal and Mr. Knight have a fight scene with the jackal gaining the upper hand. Layla tries to get involved but gets attacked by the jackal as well. Steven realizes he needs to give up control to Marc and finally does.

Moon Knight appears and finally kills the jackal. The Scarab falls into Arthur's hands and he is now on his way to find Ammit. Marc is now in control of the body and Steven is on the outside. They have a fight and Marc breaks the mirror in frustration. Marc talks to Khonsu who tells Marc he has to complete the mission. Khonsu teleports Marc to Egypt to find Arthur and the Scarab.

This episode of Moon Knight was very cool to watch. The action scenes were great and it was awesome to see Mr. Knight. I am intrigued to see the next episode and the continuing relationship between Marc/Steven/Khonsu.

What did you think of episode 2 of Moon Knight? Leave it in the comments below.

Grade: A-

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