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'Moon Knight' Episode 4 SPOILER Review: The Tomb

Courtesy of Marvel Studios

Moon Knight episode 4 is the best episode of the series so far. The pacing, the cinematography, the acting, story, and action in this episode were top notch. Oscar Isaac leads the incredible cast in his double role as Marc Spector and Steven Grant. His acting is incredible at the end of the episode when a surprising twist takes place. This episode offers the most in terms of the story and where the series is going in the last two episodes. Questions still need to be answered, especially with what happened at the end but let's recap this week's episode.

The episode starts with the ending of episode 3 where Khonshu opened the sky for Steven. Steven collapses to the sand and Layla tries to wake him up. Layla is suddenly chased by men with machine guns but fights them off using a road flare and destroying a tank. Steven wakes up and is now on an adventure with Layla to find Ammit's tomb before Harrow does. They arrive in a cave underground where Ammit's tomb is. Before they go into the cave, Steven and Layla share a kiss. After they kiss, Marc punches Steven in the face. Steven and Layla's chemistry has been building for the last couple of episodes. Layla sees Steven as a honest man, something Marc isn't and that what she is attracted to.

Underground, Steven and Layla are chased by reanimated Heka preists. Layla fights off the preists, showing that she can hold her own even against scary creatures. Steven and Layla figure out Alexander the Great's lost tomb is the same as Ammit's because Alexander was Ammit's avatar. Steven goes to look for the tomb while Layla is confronted by Arthur. Arthur tells Layla the truth about her father's death. Arthur reveals Marc was a part of the mercenary team that killed her father. This upsets Layla as the lies keep piling up for Marc. Steven finds Alexander the Great's tomb and pulls out Ammit's ushtabi from inside of the body.

Layla goes to confront Marc about her father's death. Steven gives up control of the body to Marc and Marc finally decides to tell Layla the truth. Marc reveals he was there when her father was killed. Marc's partner went rogue and decided to kill everyone, even trying to kill Marc. Their confrontation doesn't last long as Arthur and his goons show up. Marc fights off some of the goons but Arthur shoots him twice as Marc falls into a body of water.

Marc wakes up in a mental asylum. He is sedated and can't form words. He meets with his psychologist who looks exactly like Arthur Harrow. Marc's sedated effects begin to wear off and he realizes he is talking to Arthur Harrow and that he shot him. Marc runs away breaking the window and beating up a couple of the orderlys. Marc sees Alexander's tomb in a room and opens it to see Steven. Both Marc and Steven are together for the first time in the real world. They decide to escape the hospital but when they try, they run into a Hippo Goddess. Both Marc and Steven freak out when they see her and that is the end of the episode.

We do not know who this mysterious goddess is and we do not know her role in helping Marc and Steven. Questions still need to be answered as to why Marc and Steven woke up in a mental asylum. Which reality is real? Is it like a Shutter Island situation? These questions should be answered in the next two episodes and should be leading to an exciting conclusion.

Grade: A

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