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'Moon Knight' Episode 6 FINALE SPOILER Review: Gods and Monsters

Courtesy of Marvel Studios

After last week's fantastic episode, Moon Knight episode 6 looks to end the series as Marvel's best show on Disney+. While last week's episode was a dark and traumatic episode, episode 6 brings back the Marvel formula. Moon Knight ends on a high note but with room for another season as we are introduced to a third identity of Marc Spector. Before we get that, let's recap this week's episode.

Moon Knight episode 6 starts with the events after Marc was shot. Arthur gains access to Ammit's full powers and heads to the tomb to release her. Layla follows them and goes to kill Arthur, but gets greeted by Taweret. Taweret says to not kill Arthur because he is too powerful. She needs Khonshu's help. Arthur heads to the tomb and releases Ammit. It is revealed that Arthur's scale is imbalanced but Ammit is grateful she was released by him and offers him to be her avatar. Arthur gladly accepts the role, letting go of all the pain in the past.

Layla releases Khonshu. Khonshu again offers Layla to be his avatar but she declines and says he'll have to fight Ammit on his own. Khonshu talks to Ammit to try and convince her to stop doing what she is doing but Ammit ignores his request. We then cut to Marc and Taweret in the afterlife. Realizing he can't let Steven go, Marc goes back to the sand and sees Steven. He gives a heartfelt speech about never abandoning him. Marc touches Steven's hand and brings him back to life. The gate opens with a bright light and Marc and Steven run towards it.

They both run through the gate and Marc's body is resurrected in the water. Marc steps out of the water and immediately becomes Moon Knight. Marc meets with Khonshu discussing the terms of the deal. Marc and Steven switch back and forth and have funny banter with him. Once his work is done with Ammit and Arthur, Marc will be freed from Khonshu. Layla meets with Taweret and agrees to become her avatar.

Ammit's powers are fully released onto Egypt as Arthur and his crew are judging everyone. Millions of people are dying because of their scales being imbalanced. Their souls are being fed to Ammit. Layla's costume is revealed and it looks badass. Moon Knight and Khonshu arrive to fight Arthur and Ammit. Arthur gains the upper hand on Moon Knight and tries to kill him but Layla stops him. Marc and Layla have a nice little reunion and then he switches Steven. Steven aka Mr. Knight shows off his skills to Layla as he kills Arthur's goons. Marc takes over the body now as him and Layla are fighting Arthur together.

The fight continues and Arthur gains the upper hand and tries to kill him again. It looks like it will happen this time but Marc blacks out and when he's conscious again, Arthur is dead. He asks Steven if he did that and Steven says "not a chance mate." Marc and Layla try to lock up Ammit using Arthur and it works. Khonshu wants Marc to kill Arthur so that Ammit will never be freed again but Marc tells Khonshu to do it himself. Khonshu stick to his deal with Marc and frees him.

We cut back to Marc and Steven in the asylum with Dr. Harrow. Dr. Harrow still tries to convince them that they are having illusions but Marc and Steven realize they need to save the world. Marc and Steven are back in Steven's flat and that is how the episode ends. The end credit scene shows Arthur in an asylum. He gets escorted into a limo. Khonshu is in there and tells Arthur that even though Marc is free, he's not really free. Khonshu reveals Marc's third identity: Jake Lockley. Lockley is a Spanish speaking man and the first thing he does is kill Arthur. That is the ending of episode 6.

Moon Knight season 1 was the best Disney+ Marvel show. Since it was a character I didn't know before, it was fun exploring Marc and Steven. After the end credit scene, there will definitely be a season 2. It will be interesting to see how all three identities clash with each other. Lockley could be a potential villain for Marc and Steven in season 2. He can even be a bigger villain than Arthur Harrow. We'll just have to wait and see.

What did you think of episode 6 of Moon Knight? Leave it in the comments below.

Grade: A-

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