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'Ms. Marvel' Episode 1 SPOILER Review: Generation Why

Courtesy of Marvel Studios

Ms. Marvel has been a show that has been anticipated for a long time. She is the first Muslim superhero to be portrayed in a Marvel show or movie. The significance of this show will have a huge impact on Muslims. It is also the first Marvel show to go head to head with a Star Wars show. Marvel executives must believe that this show will be great, but is it? Let's break it down.

We are introduced to Kamala Khan, a 16 year old Pakistan girl living in Jersey City, NJ. Her parents are strict, especially her mother who just wants Kamala to focus on school and stop living in a fantasy world. Kamala loves her fantasy world especially the Avengers. She shares her fantasy world with her friend Bruno. They plan on going to the inaugural Avengers Con. A problem arises when Kamala fails her road test by crashing into another car. Bruno suggests they ask Kamala's parents to take them but Kamala does not want to do it. She knows how her parents are and how protective they are of her.

Kamala gets the courage to ask if she can go to Avengers Con with Bruno. Her parents say no and mention that they don't trust her. This angers Kamala and she storms off to her room. Kamala's brother tells Kamala he will talk to them and try to convince them to let her go. Her brother's plan works and her parents allow Kamala to go with conditions. Kamala must go with her dad and she can't wear her planned Captain Marvel costume. Captain Marvel is Kamala's favorite character and this angers her. She upsets her parents which results in them saying she can't go again.

Kamala develops a plan to sneak out and go to Avengers Con with Bruno. The plan works and Kamala is at Avengers Con with Bruno in her Captain Marvel costume. There is a competition for who has the best Captain Marvel costume and Kamala wants to win it. As suggested by Bruno, she adds something from her culture to her costume, a family heirloom. She uses it as a bracelet. While she is on stage, Kamala's powers come out. Her powers look like cosmic energy coming from her hands. This seems to be all from the heirloom Kamala chose to wear. Kamala, Bruno, and everyone at Averngers Con start freaking out because of this but then the audience finds it to be awesome.

Heading home, Kamala and Bruno are still shocked about her powers. Kamal sneaks back in to her house where her mother is waiting. Her mother gives her this speech about being true to herself and focusing on school. Kamala feels disappointed but then starts playing with her powers. That is the end of the episode. We get an end credit scene with the agent from Spider Man: No Way Home. He wants to bring Kamala in to talk about her powers.

The premiere of Ms. Marvel was a decent start to the show. The first episode didn't capture my attention like I wanted it to but I am interested to learn more about the character. Iman Vellani does a good job in the role and from what I am hearing from fans, fits the personality of Kamala Khan. It does help that she is a big fan of the MCU. Next episode should be interesting as Kamala adjusts to her new life with powers.

Grade: B-

What did you think of the first episode of Ms. Marvel? Leave it in the comments below.

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