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'Ordinary Joe' Episode 13 Season Finale SPOILER Review: Aftermath

Courtesy of NBC

The season one finale of Ordinary Joe premiered last night and the finale leaves us with more questions than answers. Last week's episode saw all three Joe's in compromising positions that can damage his relationships with the ones he loves. This week's episode showed the aftermath of these events and the direction Joe will be heading in future seasons. Let's break it all down.

Last week's episode saw cop Joe confronted by Uncle Frank to speak on his behalf at his reinstatement hearing. Joe also found Amy's family is visiting and will meet them. Amy's family does not like police officers for a justified reason. Cop Joe's episode starts with Eric's wife Mallory on the cusp of having a baby. Mallory pranks everyone by thinking her water broke but actually she was spilling water on the floor. Amy's family is in New York and Amy hosts her first podcast with her family as special guests. Her podcast is about criminal justice and her family reveals that the cop that wrongfully arrested Amy's father is running for Mayor. They say no one is running against him. During dinner with Joe, Amy's mom says that she will run against the cop for Mayor. Realizing Joe is a cop, Amy's dad starts to question Joe about being a cop. Joe says he is not loyal to the uniform and speaks up when he sees injustice. This bring up the topic of Uncle Frank's reinstatement and Amy's dad questions him on that. Joe says Frank is family and will speak for him. This creates some uncomfortable tension in the room and Joe leaves for his shift. Amy's mom wants Amy to be her campaign manager and move back to Miami. Joe speaks at his Uncle Frank's hearing and says Frank should be reinstated but when he is ready to give up alcohol. The board decides to reinstate Frank after 30 days of rehab. Frank sees Joe after the meeting and gives him a hug. After that nice moment, Joe gets a call from Eric saying the baby is on the way. Joe arrives at the scene and delivers the baby. Joe is at the hospital with Eric and Mallory, when Amy arrives and tells Joe she is moving back to Miami to be her mom's campaign manager. Joe asks about their current relationship and doesn't want it to end. He asks Amy to marry him and that is the end of the season for cop Joe.

Nurse Joe picks up with the ending of last week's episode. Joe and Kinsley kiss each other but quickly stop. Joe and Kinsley agree that shouldn't have happened. Feeling guilty, Joe confides in Eric. Eric tells Joe he needs to do something special for Jenny. Eric gives Joe the idea of taking Chris on a road trip to se Jenny for Valentine's Day. In the same scene, Amy and Eric find out they were picked to adopt a child. Joe takes Chris on the road trip and even stops at an important spaceship launch. Jenny is in court to help her client and is blindsided by the prosecution. Her last strategy is to speak as a mother and convince the jury that this law is ridiculous. Jenny does a good job of convincing the jury of the ridiculousness of this law and the jury decides not convict the defendant. Jenny's friend Barrett is impressed by her skills and asks Jenny to stay in Atlanta to be his law partner. Jenny says she needs to ask Joe and Chris before making a decision. Amy and Eric are there for the delivery of their new child and even get to hold their child after the birth. Joe and Chris arrive at Jenny's apartment with Joe going down on one knee asking Jenny to renew their vows. As this is happening, Joe sees Barrett in Jenny's apartment and the vibe is completely thrown off. That is the end of the episode for nurse Joe.

Rockstar Joe has hit rock bottom after the crash. Thankfully he didn't hurt anybody during the crash. Amy visits Joe in the hospital but doesn't want to talk to her. Amy says that she loves Joe and will love him no matter what happens in their marriage. Jenny visits Joe and says he needs to get his life together. Jenny enlists a friend's help to help Joe in what seems to be an upcoming legal battle. Jenny's friend says to Joe that he can get no jail time if he decides to go to rehab. Joe initially refuses going to rehab. Joe and Uncle Frank arrive at the police station to take his mug shot and release him shortly after. Uncle Frank shows Joe the car after the crash and tells Joe that car helped his father. Frank states that Joe working on the car with his father saved his life in many ways. Frank pleads with Joe to go to rehab and Joe finally agrees. Joe arrives in rehab and we see a montage of his progress. After some time, Joe sees Amy lose to Bobby Diaz's wife in the primary. Joe decided he wants to leave rehab and we see Joe at someone's door professing his live. The door he is at is Jenny's door and he tells Jenny she has always been the one for him. That is where rockstar Joe's episode ends.

Ordinary Joe season 1 had its ups and its downs but the show consistently put up interesting storylines. Its concept alone should be enough for NBC to give this show a season 2. I believe there is more story to tell and its cliffhangers confirm this.

Grade: B-

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