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'Ordinary Joe' Episode 3 Review: Happy Birthday Jenny

Courtesy of NBC

Episode 3 of Ordinary Joe premiered last night and it focused on Jenny's birthday. Jenny's birthday was a big part of the episode and all three Joe's focused on Jenny's birthday in different ways. Nurse Joe had the most pressure on him. He wanted to make Jenny's birthday special. Eric gives Joe a free weekend at a resort in Montauk to help Joe and Jenny's relationship. Joe see this as his chance to get his relationship with Jenny back on track. He brings this idea up to Jenny but Jenny is uncomfortable leaving their son with Joe's mother. Jenny had a big decision to make this episode. Will she pursue her dream of being a lawyer in Atlanta or stay in New York with Joe and Chris? Jenny reminisces of the time she is studying for the LSAT and Joe is singing a song outside of her window. Jenny then looks at Joe and Chris and makes the decision to stay in New York. Nurse Joe didn't know about this opportunity so it will be interesting to see if Jenny tells him or if he finds out on his own.

Rockstar Joe had an interesting episode. Joe is so focused on finding his son, he neglected his wife Amy. Amy is running for congress because of Bobby Diaz's diagnosis of Parkinson's disease. Amy is having a rally and Joe volunteers to introduce her. Instead Joe seeks Jenny at her birthday party because he finds out he is not on his son's birth certificate. To find his son through the adopting agency, Joe needs to be on that birth certificate. Joe seeks Jenny's help but Jenny doesn't give in. Jenny doesn't want to bring up old wounds with her family. She's still mad at Joe for not coming to see her at the shore after graduation. Joe doesn't get the result he wants and worse, misses the beginning of Amy's rally. He doesn't get to introduce her and instead Bobby Diaz does. In the beginning of the episode, Joe tells Amy the only way he gets rid of stage fright is when he connects with one person in the crowd. Joe tells Amy that person is always her. Amy experiences stage fright at the beginning of her speech but connects with someone in the crowd and that person is Bobby Diaz. It will be interesting to see the fallout of these events in the next episode.

Cop Joe and Amy's relationship take an extra step in their relationship this week. Last week's episode revealed Amy was also dating congressman Bobby Diaz. Diaz is cheating on his wife with Amy. Amy has had enough of this relationship because she will never be the only woman in Diaz's life and decides to break up with Bobby. Eric tells Joe to not mess things up with Amy and reveal yourself to her. Joe decides to invite Amy to meet his family at their weekly dinner. At the dinner, it is revealed to Amy that Joe is still living at home with his mother. It doesn't seem to bother Amy at all. Amy and Joe so to Joe's room to try and have sex but Joe's mother and Uncle Frank interrupt them. Joe later receives a call from Jenny and tells Joe that the man who tried to shoot Bobby Diaz is dead. This means it will be harder to find the motive behind the shooting. It will be interesting to see how Joe deals with killing someone.

What did you think of episode 3 of Ordinary Joe? Leave it in the comments below.

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