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'Ordinary Joe' Episode 4 Review: Shooting Star

Courtesy of NBC

Episode four of Ordinary Joe premiered last night on NBC. Each Joe faced a different challenge in this episode and one Joe had it harder than the others. Let's examine each challenge each Joe had in this episode.

Cop Joe had the roughest episode. Joe just found out he killed the man that tried to shoot Bobby Diaz. Joe is feeling the effects of a traumatic event like this. He starts talking to a therapist about the shooting, but is reserved. He feels he is fine and wants to go back to being a detective and not doing paperwork. On a date with Amy, Joe is reminded of the shooting. Joe starts to breathe heavy. It's becoming very difficult for him to breathe. Joe is having a panic attack. He tells Amy he is having trouble coping with the shooting, knowing he took another person's life. Amy tells Joe he also saved someone's life and is a good person. Joe starts to relax and feels better about the situation. Joe then meets with Bobby Diaz. Diaz wants Joe on his personal security detail. He says he wouldn't have to quit his job with the NYPD and can be back in action. Joe accepts Diaz's offer and his first mission is to keep Diaz's mistress out of the public eye as Diaz is getting his divorce. Diaz reveals to Joe that his mistress is Amy. Joe feels a sense of hurt and deletes Amy's contact from his phone. Jenny then tells Joe that the shooter had a sister that worked for Diaz. She is now dead. Jenny believes Diaz and the shooter's sister had an affair and the shooter's sister was going to reveal the affair to the public. Jenny also believes Bobby had something to do with that woman's death. It will be interesting to see Cop Joe's reaction to all of the events in this episode.

Nurse Joe had the best episode. He went to couples counseling with Jenny and was finally told about Jenny's grant to become a lawyer. Joe was told this by his father-in-law. At first, Joe was mad at Jenny for not telling him. Joe wants Jenny to chase her dream because he didn't get to chase his. Joe suggests moving to Atlanta with Jenny to help pursue her dream. Nurse Joe's episode ends there but there are some questions. Will he really go to Atlanta with Jenny? Will Jenny even go to Atlanta to pursue her dreams? It will be interesting to see what happens in that timeline.

Last but not least, Rockstar Joe found his son with the help from Uncle Frank. Joe asks Jenny if he wants to go with him to see their son. Jenny agrees to go with Joe on this field trip. Joe's wife Amy is asked to go to Washington DC to have dinner with the head of the DNC. Amy goes to Washington DC with Bobby and tries to call Joe, but he doesn't answer. Diaz comforts Amy at dinner and helps her through her nerves. Joe and Jenny stop at a local restaurant where they have eaten plenty of times before. The waitress recognizes both of them and talk to them like they're a couple. Once Jenny hears this, she immediately goes back to the car. After that, Joe and Jenny find their son Zeke at his school. They watch him from their car and immediately start crying when they see him. As they drive home, Jenny holds Joe's hand to comfort him. It will be interesting to see where this storyline goes. Next week's episode focuses on Rockstar Joe. Diaz shows a picture of Joe and Jenny together. Amy starts to question whether Joe still has feelings for Jenny. Next week's episode looks to be filled with drama and we can't wait to see it.

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