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'Ordinary Joe' Episode 7 Review: The Letter

Courtesy of NBC

The latest episode of Ordinary Joe premiered last night on NBC and we finally found out what happened immediately after Joe made his choice in each scenario. Let's take a look what happened to Joe in this week's recap:

Cop Joe's timeline starts as he makes the choice to go with his parents for his graduation party. Eric tells Joe since he didn't ask Amy out, he did and is going on a date with her. Joe still doesn't know if he may the right choice and is still unsure if he wants to be a cop. Jenny tries to call Joe and Joe ignores the call. Uncle Frank takes Joe out for a bite to eat and tries to convince Joe that he should be a cop. Frank says it's in Joe's blood for him to be a cop. Joe is unsure he can live up to what his dad did. Eric's date with Amy is going horribly and Amy decides to leave the date. Joe goes back to the party and his mom has arranged someone from the New York Conservatory of Music come watch him play. He plays the song but then Uncle Frank decides to give Joe his father's badge number in front of everyone. A lot of his dad's cop buddies are there and Joe hears a story from one of his father's friends about how he saved his life on 9/11. His father's friend says he wouldn't have met and been a father to his daughter if it wasn't for his father. This leaves Joe conflicted. Earlier in the episode Joe's mom gave him a letter written by Joe's father. Joe and his sister go to the same restaurant where Uncle Frank took Joe earlier. Joe decides to read the letter with his sister. After he reads the letter, he sees a group of cops sitting in the restaurant. Joe decides to take a leap of faith and become a cop.

Nurse Joe's timeline starts when he makes the choice to go to Jenny's beach house after the graduation. Joe arrives at Jenny's beach house with Eric but Eric reveals he has a date with Amy. In this timeline, Eric and Amy's date goes well and they start to fall in love. Joe goes into the house and sees Jenny acting sick. Joe is concerned but Jenny shows the pregnancy test to Joe. She hasn't taken it yet and wants to wait until Joe got there. Joe and Jenny find out that she is pregnant. Joe tells Jenny it's her choice whether they have the baby or not. Jenny tells Joe they are having the baby. Joe meets with Jenny's dad and he is not happy. He offers Joe a check to stay out of Jenny's life forever. Joe does not accept the check and instead tells his mom he is having a baby with Jenny. He said he is giving up his dream of being a rockstar because it's not stable and will not be a cop because it doesn't pay enough. Joe goes to Jenny's house and proposes to Jenny. He says this is the right time for them to get married. Jenny agrees to marrying Joe and their story in this episode ends there.

Rockstar Joe's timeline begins with getting Amy's number. Amy texts Joe asking him to meetup with her before she meets with Bobby Diaz. They meet at a restaurant and the date seems to be going well. Amy talks about her passion for politics revealing she gave up tickets to Beyonce to see a Bobby Diaz speech. She said that speech changed her life. Joe tells his story of wanting to live the dream and Amy encourages to follow his dreams. Amy gets a call and is told the meeting for Bobby Diaz is off because he doesn't have a job for her now. Joe goes on an audition for the New York Conservatory of Music with Amy. Instead of playing a classic song, Joe plays Billy Joe and seemingly tanks his own audition. Joe felt great when doing that. He forgot he left his jacket at the restaurant with his dad's letter in it. Amy finds the jacket and gives it to Joe and suddenly they have their first kiss. It's the perfect day for Joe and he wants to find the perfect spot to read this letter. He finds that spot outside of a bakery where his dad took him and Eric. Amy gives Joe a ukulele and Joe plays it outside of the bakery and people start to give them money. Jenny has been trying to call Joe throughout the entire episode and Joe has not picked up on any of her calls. She sees Joe and Amy together and gives up the hope of reaching him.

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