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'Ordinary Joe' Episode 8 Review: Reset

Courtesy of NBC

After a week off, the latest episode of Ordinary Joe premiered last night. This episode was a reset for all three Joe's. Let's take a look at what happened this week.

Nurse Joe starts the episode by tending to Uncle Frank. Two episodes ago, Uncle Frank came to Joe's apartment asking for money. Joe looked like he hadn't seen Frank in years and gave him a big hug. It is revealed that Frank is an alcoholic. He has a slew of health problems due to his drinking. Joe calls Amy and Eric to babysit Chris while he takes Frank to the hospital. At the hospital, Frank is coughing up blood and is in a bad way. Frank is dealing with survivor's guilt from 9/11. Frank says he was supposed to die that day instead of his brother. Joe relates to this because he has survivor guilt as well. If you remember, Joe and his father were supposed to go to the Giants game in Denver on 9/11, but Joe didn't want to go because he wanted to play a show with Eric. Joe tells Frank that he had to bury his dad, he doesn't want to bury his uncle too. Joe sees Jenny's dad at the hospital and he offers a play where Frank can go to rehab. Jenny's dad says he will pay for the expenses. Jenny's dad also offers a truce with Joe. Last episode we saw in the flashback, Jenny's dad offer money to Joe to stay out of Jenny and the baby's lives. He admits he feels terrible he did that and tells Joe he has done right by Jenny and Chris. Amy and Eric are babysitting Chris and Amy realizes she wants to be a mother. Amy and Eric decide to fill out an application to adopt a baby. At the hospital, Frank agrees to go to rehab and wants to be a part of Joe and Christopher's lives. It will be interesting to see what happens next episode with nurse Joe.

Cop Joe is dealing with the repercussions of arresting Bobby Diaz. Uncle Frank is now being suspended with pay. Someone carved traitor on his desk. Amy is dealing with issues herself. News gets out of her affair with Bobby and social media perceives her as a homewrecker. The FBI has a search warrant for her apartment and searches there. After Amy gets home from the search warrant, she sees her apartment is trashed. She is scared to stay there. Joe tells his therapist about his situation and his therapist suggests a reset. His therapist tells him to imagine the next day is his first day on the job. Joe is cleared to go back on active duty but feels like his work is missing something. He says he missed the days where he was on patrol and helping people immediately. Amy tells Joe he should ask for a demotion but she phrases it as a reset. Amy then tells Joe she is nervous to date a cop because she had a bad prior experience with them. She was going to a protest with her family when suddenly a cop pulls up on them and arrests her father because they say he burnt down a restaurant. Amy's father did not do the crime but they arrest him anyway and Amy throws a brick at the police car. She also gets arrested for assaulting a police officer. Joe explains to Amy that he is not that type of cop and says she has nothing to worry about. Joe invites Amy to stay at his place and they have a nice night together. That is the end of the episode for cop Joe and we will see what happens next.

Rockstar Joe is dealing with a slew of emotions. He watched his wife get shot and Bobby Diaz get murdered on stage. Amy seems to be unaffected by the shooting and arranges Bobby's funeral. Deep down Amy is feeling the effects from the shooting. She says she has to keep busy because if she stops for one second, she is taken back to the night of the shooting. Joe surprises Amy with flying out her parents to be with her. This seems to help but Amy still has a secret. During her eulogy of Bobby, Amy shows Bobby's watch and wants that watch to be buried with Bobby. Bobby's wife sees this and knows Amy slept with Bobby. Bobby's wife initially rejected replacing her husband in congress but knowing Amy slept with her husband, she takes the job so Amy can't have it. Amy's political future is up in the air after this decision. Joe sees Amy and says he wants to support her and knows he hasn't been there to do that recently. He doesn't want any secrets between them and doesn't want their marriage to end. After hearing that, Amy tells Joe she slept with Bobby. Joe is shocked by this news and doesn't say anything, he just walks out of the room. Next week's episode will give a clearer picture what their relationship will be like after this big news.

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