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'Peacemaker' Season 1 Episode 1 SPOILER Review: A Whole New Whirled

Courtesy of HBO Max

Peacemaker is the latest DC show to come out on HBO Max and continues the story of Peacemaker after the events of The Suicide Squad. In The Suicide Squad, Peacemaker was shot by Bloodsport and had a building fall for. The episode takes place after those events. So, is Peacemaker any good? Let's break it down.

Peacemaker starts with him in the hospital and he is now free to go after 5 months there. Christopher Smith aka Peacemaker is worried he will walk out of the hospital and immediately be put back in prison. He has a funny conversation with the janitor about if there are any cops outside. The janitor says there are no cops outside and doesn't even believe he's a superhero. They have funny banter back and forth and Chris decides to leave the hospital. He gets in a cab and everything seems to be good and tells the driver to drive him to his trailer.

Chris arrives at the trailer and realizes his place is a mess. He can't even open the door, so he breaks a window and climbs in. The trailer is a mess with garbage everywhere. Peacemaker is then surrounded by Amanda Waller's team. The team consists of: Clemson Murn, Emilia Hartcourt, John Economos, and Waller's daughter Leota Adebayo. They tell Peacemaker he has two choices: work for them or go back to prison. Chris chooses to work for them and they tell him his missions are to kill people that are dangerous to this country. They call it Project Butterfly. They tell him to meet them for dinner at 7:30 at restaurant.

Next, Peacemaker goes to visit his dad. Peacemaker's dad is an old school dad that doesn't show love to his son. Instead, he puts Chris down when he hears he was shot by another man. Peacemaker is there to pick up his sidekick Eagly and to get a new helmet. Eagly embraces Chris and even gives him a hug using his wings. Peacemaker then picks up a new helmet that has special powers.

Peacemaker heads to the restaurant in full costume. The other members of the team rag on him for wearing the costume. Peacemaker finds out his first mission from Murn involves a United States Senator. Peacemaker leaves the restaurant and has a nice moment with Leota. Leota seems to treat Peacemaker differently from her other colleagues and feels his pain.

Peacemaker is driving home, when he sees Hartcourt walk into a bar. Chris decides to follow her and go into the bar. Hartcourt immediately gets harassed by some men and puts them in their place. Peacemaker looks fondly at Hartcourt and wants to have sex with her. Hartcourt denies him and walks out of the bar. Chris finds a girl at the bar and has sex with her at her place.

After the fun is over, Chris puts on music and dances in her place. Suddenly, the woman attacks Peacemaker with a knife. This is no ordinary woman because she has special abilities. They fight in the apartment with the woman gaining the upper hand. Peacemaker then jumps out the window and the woman follows him. Chris puts on his helmet and zaps the woman to pieces. This could be one of the Project Butterflies Murn was referring to but we will find out next episode. That is the end of Peacemaker episode 1.

Peacemaker episode 1 keeps the same humor as The Suicide Squad. John Cena is great at playing Peacemaker. The show doesn't take itself too serious and that is refreshing especially for DC. This was a good first episode which should make for a fun season.

Grade: B+

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