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'Peaky Blinders' Season 6 Episode 1 SPOILER Review: Black Day

Courtesy of BBC

After a long 888 days, Peaky Blinders is finally back. It has been almost three years since the events of season 5 took place. Season 6 was supposed to release much sooner, but Covid messed up the filming schedule and the death of Helen McCrory (Aunt Polly) delayed the release. It was announced that season 6 would be the final season of the critically acclaimed show. But it won't be the final time you hear of the Peaky Blinders. Creator Steven Knight has confirmed that a Peaky Blinders movie is in development. This is exciting news for fans of the show to know this won't be the true ending of the Peaky Blinders. Season 6 has started off with a bang, so let's break it all down.

After Tommy's failed attempt of killing Oswald Mosley and the death of three associates, Tommy is feeling lost and suicidal. He grabs a gun and tries to kill himself in a muddy field. There are no bullets in the gun and he fails to commit suicide. Lizzie arrives and confronts for Tommy for trying to commit suicide and tells him to think about the family. Tommy arrives and gets a call from Captain Swing, one of the leaders of the IRA and tells Tommy they are responsible for the failed assassination attempt of Mosley and the death of his three associates. Captain Swing tells Tommy that they have delivered the three bodies to him. Tommy looks at the three bodies and the last body he looks at is Aunt Polly.

Next we get a beautiful tribute to Aunt Polly. This is the best thing they could have done to celebrate the great character and the great Helen McCrory. During the tribute, Michael is talking quietly to Aunt Polly and states he vows to get revenge on Tommy Shelby. After that we get a time jump 4 years later. We arrive on the day of December 5, 1933. This is the day prohibition ends and Tommy is in Miguelon Island, a French territory in Newfoundland. Tommy is ready to do a business deal and walks into a bar. Tommy has changed during these past 4 years as it is revealed that he no longer drinks alcohol. A local in the bar tries to make trouble and Tommy is being patient with the man but finally snaps and beats him up.

Tommy meets with Michael and his associates to talk about a new deal. Michael's wife Gina is the niece of east coast kingpin Jack Nelson who Tommy is seeking approval of to make a new deal. Tommy wants to deliver Chinese opium to North American and needs Uncle Jack's approval. Uncle Jack;s henchmen are being cocky and are trying to make Tommy drink, but he refuses. Tommy then recites poetry and leaves the meeting, but first tells Michael and Uncle Jack's henchmen that there is an FBI informant in their crew.

Tommy then calls the French police and has Michael arrested for sneaking opium into North America. We them get a look at Lizzie and Aida's life at home with the children. They are having a Christmas party and are waiting for Santa to arrive. Arthur is supposed to be Santa but is high off opium. It is revealed that these past 4 years Arthur has been struggling with addiction. Aida catches her son Karl in Tommy's office and seems interested in entering the family business.

Gina visits Michael in prison and asks why he is in jail. Michael says he thinks he is in jail because of the FBI informant in his crew. Gina also asks why they are doing business with Tommy. Michael says he needs to do business with him so that he can kill him. Tommy then visits Gina at her house with Gina thinking she gained the upper hand in the conversation. Tommy then reveals to Gina that if Uncle Jack doesn't take Tommy's deal, Tommy will deal with Jewish mob, run by the family of friend/foe Alfie Solomons. Gina states that'll start a war but Tommy does not care and will do business with anyone that gives him a fair deal.

Lizzie calls Tommy and reveals that his daughter Ruby is sick. Lizzie says Ruby has been having visions and been saying words in the Gypsy language. Lizzie says Ruby has been saying the words "Tickner maura, o beng." After hearing that Tommy tells Lizzie to get Gypsy protection and that he will be home on the first ship to Birmingham.

Before Tommy heads home, he visits Michael in prison and tells Michael that Uncle Jack will not get him out of jail. He then tells Michael he is headed back to Birmingham with Gina and implies that he is going to have sex with her. This leaves Michael enraged and fueling his anger to kill Tommy. That is the end of episode 1.

This episode delivered a bang to the start of season 6. It looks like Tommy is as ruthless as ever and that should lead to an exciting season and finale of the show.

What did you think of Season 6 Episode 1 of Peaky Blinders? Leave it in the comments below.

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