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'Peaky Blinders' Season 6 Episode 2 Review: Black Shirt

Courtesy of BBC

After last week's episode of Peaky Blinders, things are heating up with Tommy Shelby as he heads back to Birmingham. Tommy goes back to Birmingham to check on his daughter Ruby after she was sick last episode. Lizzie says that Ruby has been feeling better but Tommy wants to take her to the doctor anyway to make sure everything checks out okay. Tommy has been feeling stressed ever since he's heard of the news that Ruby is sick. He knows something is after him. Whether that is Michael Gray, a gypsy curse, or something else, Tommy knows death is knocking at the front door. Thankfully Ruby's tests come out okay. Lizzie wants to be done with everything and finally be able to relax but Tommy tells her one more deal must be done and then they can finally relax.

Tommy needs to relax as soon as possible because Lizzie catches Tommy having a seizure. During his seizure, Tommy has visions of his time in World War I. He's fighting a soldier in a tunnel. He's relieving the days when he was a soldier. Lizzie sees this and urges Tommy to see a doctor but Tommy refuses until after his deal is complete.

Tommy arrives at a Labour Party meeting as he is still their representative and gives a speech to the crowd. He promises the crowd that they will no longer be silenced and the government will be brought down. IRA leader Laura McKee arrives at the end of Tommy's speech. They have a meeting inside of a bar and Tommy gives Laura the letters from the US President revealing Jack's true intentions. Jack wants to see the rise of fascism.

Tommy wants to work with McKee. Tommy will get Jack and Oswald Mosley to meet with each other and play both of their beliefs against each other. McKee decides to join Tommy and is now at a seat at the table during this upcoming war. Ada arrives shortly after and they go try to find Arthur after hearing he is having another episode. Ada is feeling pressure living up to Aunt Polly and being in the middle of everything. She says she can't follow Tommy in whatever he is doing next.

Tommy meets with Alfie who has a new hobby of listening to opera music. Tommy tells Alfie that his Uncle Charlie has been killed by Jack. Tommy wants to make a deal with Alfie and his family to smuggle opium into Boston. This will allow the Solomon's to rise back in power.

Tommy goes to Oswald Mosley's rally but runs into trouble when Arthur shows up high as a kite. Tommy tells Arthur that he's been writing letters to his ex-wife Linda. Linda is the only one that can help Arthur get clean. Tommy wants Arthur to get clean for 2 weeks and once he does that, he can talk to Linda again. Arthur agrees to this.

Tommy and Lizzie have a meeting with Mosley and his lover Diane. Lizzie and Diane have a tense interaction but everything goes according to plan for Tommy as things start to move forward. Tommy then meets Jack in a church. Jack tells Tommy he wants to meet the fascists. Tommy wants to make a deal with Jack and says he will give up Churchill's strategies for the smuggling of opium in Boston. Jack says he will consider the offer and doesn't give Tommy a definite answer.

Back in his office, Tommy receives a call that Ruby is sick again. Ruby is seeing "the grey man" who is coming after her and Tommy. Tommy has another vision of someone trying to attack him. After he regains consciousness, Lizzie calls and tells Tommy to get home ASAP. Lizzie tells Tommy that Ruby is sick and nothing seems to be working. Tommy knows only one way to stop this. He calls John's widow Esme Shelby Lee to try and save Ruby's life.

This season has shown that death is closer to Tommy than it has ever been before. Whether that is Michael Gray, his seizures, or "the grey man", Tommy seems to be knocking on death's door. This episode was another great one with fantastic acting from Cillian Murphy. I am excited to see how the story continues next week.

What did you think of this episode of Peaky Blinders? Leave it in the comments below.

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