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'Peaky Blinders' Season 6 Episode 3 Review: Gold

Courtesy of BBC

Last week's episode of Peaky Blinders ended on a huge cliffhanger. Tommy's daughter Ruby is sicker than ever. Tommy has finally realized his demons have caught up to him. He realizes Ruby's illness is going to kill her. He knows only one way he can save her and that is gypsy magic.

Tommy Shelby's demons come full circle in this episode. His bad deeds have come back to haunt him and hurt the ones he loved. First it was Tommy's true love Grace and now it's his daughter Ruby. Ruby's condition has turned for the worse and is now on the brink of death. Tommy turns to the one person he thinks can fix this: Esme Shelby Lee. Tommy goes to find Esme and leaves Ada in charge of the Shelby Company.

With Ada now in charge, she meets with Lady Diana Mitford. Mitford doesn't take Ada seriously and asks for Tommy. Ada doesn't let this phase her and gets the better of Lady Diana. Oswald Mosley, Jack Nelson, and Gina Gray join the party. They are there to talk business but Ada doesn't want to. Instead, she invites them to Tommy's home to talk business when Tommy is ready.

Ada then goes to the Shelby Company headquarters where she talks with Isiah. She has a job for him and Arthur to complete. Ada urges Isiah to watch out for Arthur as he is still in a bad way even though he is clean now. Ada then heads to the Garrison where she meets up with Lizzie. Lizzie is a mess but is staying strong for Ruby. Lizzie wishes Tommy was a normal man and by her side. Natasha O'Keefe was brilliant in this episode as Lizzie. The pain in her eyes and voice was clearly seen and brilliantly acted.

Isiah, Arthur and other Peaky Blinders go to Liverpool to talk to Hayden Stagg. Their objective was to hurt Stagg but Stagg makes a plea to Arthur. Seeing the addict in him, Stagg promises a freedom for Arthur and it works. Arthur for the first time does not choose violence. He lets Stagg go and his fellow Peaky Blinders are stunned. The question is: will Stagg deliver on that promise to Arthur?

Tommy finds Esme and asks for her help. Esme agrees to help Tommy and takes him to a secret location. Tommy learns that the cursed sapphire he blamed for Grace's death was responsible for Ruby's illness. This confirms that Tommy's demons are haunting him and his family. There's nothing he can do about it. Esme takes Tommy to a gypsy grave and Tommy starts to lose it. Tommy promises to build a monument for a dead gypsy girl. He's begging and pleading for Ruby's life to be saved.

Tommy heads back to tell Lizzie his plan but it is too late. Ruby has died. Lizzie scolds Tommy for not being by her side when she died. Lizzie tells Tommy that Ruby was asking for him in her final moments, but he wasn't there. Tommy's face in this scene says it all. It's a look of shock that his plan didn't work. Tommy realizes he's like everyone else and has limitations. He can't outrun death. His demons and bad deeds caught up to him and killed the two people he loved the most.

What did you think of Season 6 Episode 4 of Peaky Blinders? Leave it in the comments below.

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