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'Peaky Blinders' Season 6 Episode 4 SPOILER Review: Sapphire

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Last week's episode ended in heartbreak for Tommy Shelby. Shelby's daughter Ruby died from tuberculosis. Tommy's demons have finally caught up to him and it feels like everything going wrong in his life is because of him. This week's episode deals with the aftermath of Ruby's death, Tommy's continuing "support" of the fascist movement, and a new discovery.

The episode starts with the funeral for Ruby Shelby. It is a beautiful ceremony with beautiful music playing. Tommy delivers eulogy and vows to change for the better. He's about to light the carriage when Lizzie stops him to look one more time at the casket. Tommy says the people who did this are going to pay for this. Tommy lights the carriage on fire and walks away leaving Lizzie confused and distraught after what she heard.

Tommy heads to where the Barnwells live. Tommy blames Evadna Barnwell for putting a curse on Ruby. Tommy arrives and kills everyone there. Tommy destroys his gun in frustration knowing Ruby won't come back to life. Tommy meets with Esme to deliver her gold and tell her they are finished doing business. Esme reveals to Tommy that he has another son. His name is Duke and is a product from a girl "under a hazel tree in 1914." Tommy sees the boy and drives away.

Tommy heads back home and Lizzie is waiting for him. Lizzie knows that Tommy killed someone because of Ruby and she is furious. Tommy rambles on about finding a cure for consumption but Lizzie doesn't want to hear it. They have an argument which leads to Tommy showing a lot of emotion we're not used to seeing from the cool, calm, and collected man. Lizzie tells Tommy that Arthur is in the basement to see him.

Tommy meets with Arthur and they reminisce about the days they were young lads. Tommy breaks his sobriety and has a drink for the first time in 4 years. This scene was beautifully done with two of the strongest characters in the show. They are both in bad ways right now but they both know they can count on each other during these hard times.

As Tommy and Arthur's conversation comes to a close, cars pull up to the Shelby home for the meeting between Oswald Mosley, Lady Diana Mitford, Captain Swing, and Jack Nelson. Tommy makes his guests wait and Captain Swing an Irish rebel song, in Mosley's words "to raise our spirits." As the song is sung, we see fascists throw something in Ada's window for having a mixed daughter. Ada confronts the fascists and points a gun to them and they run away. We see Arthur in a bad way in an alley. He looks to be using again and breaking his sobriety.

Tommy arrives at the meeting but doesn't seem into it for obvious reasons. Tommy is asked to prove his loyalty to the fascist movement. Tommy obliges and does the Sieg Heil motion. This proves Tommy will do anything for business. The meeting ends and the next day Tommy gets a tip about Gina. Tommy finds out Gina is cheating on Michael with Mosley. Tommy confronts Gina and says she is going to be with Mosley when he meets with the leaders from Germany. Gina asks what if she lies about what was said during the meeting. Tommy says he know when she is lying or not. Tommy then asks Gina what Michael's real intentions are. Gina lies and says Michael wants to complete the deal. Tommy walks out with a smirk knowing Gina just lied to him.

Tommy gets a visit from his doctor. The doctor tells Tommy that Ruby's tuberculosis has spread to Tommy but it is not tuberculosis. It is tuberculoma that is infecting Tommy's lungs. Tommy asks how he has left. The doctor reveals Tommy has a year to 18 months left to live. The episode ends on that new discovery.

What did you think of Season 6 Episode 4 of Peaky Blinders? Leave it in the comments below.

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