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'Peaky Blinders' Season 6 Episode 5 SPOILER Review: The Road to Hell

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Last week's episode saw Tommy being diagnosed with tuberculoma, a disease that will kill Tommy. We also discovered that Tommy has another son named Duke. With only two episodes left in the series, the pace of the series will have to pick up to resolve the story. But they have more time than it seems because of the Peaky Blinders film. The film is set to start shooting in 2023. But before we get to the film, we have to finish the series. Here is a recap of episode 5.

Episode 5 is titled "The Road to Hell" and there is a good reason why. The episode starts with Tommy arriving in Chinatown to head to the shop where Arthur buys his opium. Tommy demands the owner to stop selling opium to the customers or else he'll blow the place up. The owner obliges and just to show he was serious, Tommy drops the bag with the bomb in the water outside and sends a title wave towards the shop.

Tommy gets the family together at the local pub and introduces them to his estranged son Duke. The family is shocked to hear this news but welcome him. Lizzie seems to be the only one upset by this. It seems from her perspective that Tommy is replacing Ruby with Duke and obviously that wouldn't sit with her well. Tommy heads off to a church to meet with Linda. They cut a deal where Linda will help Arthur become sober and Tommy will give her foundation £10,000. Linda agrees to this deal but outright says that she will not sleep with him.

Tommy heads to the Liverpool docks to meet with Mr. Stagg. Tommy tells Stagg that he still owes him a beating, but that will have to wait. Tommy appoints Stagg to oversee a shipment of Thompson machine guns from Boston. Tommy then gives Stagg a gift: an engraved bullet. We then cut to Tommy and Lizzie in bed together. Lizzie goes into Tommy's safe and finds his book of regrets. The number one regret he has is marrying Lizzie. The reason he regrets marrying her is because he has put her through a lot of bad things that she didn't deserve. Lizzie wants Tommy to tell her everything that is happening. Tommy promises one day he will, but not yet.

At Shelby HQ, Arthur and the rest of the crew try to bribe a referee. The referee refuses the bribe and leads to the returning Billy to kill him. Duke watches this and looks visibly shaken. Arthur sends Billy to get cleaned up. Billy hears a whistling noise and it is Jack Nelson. Nelson reveals to us all that Billy is the informant in the Shelby organization. Nelson threatens to castrate Billy if he doesn't give up Arthur to Nelson's associates. Nelson reveals he has plans for Tommy as well.

Tommy meets with Duke and Duke reveals he wants to leave. He didn't feel comfortable at Shelby HQ because he doesn't like people. Tommy reveals the truth to Duke and tells him he's a part of the dark instead of the light. Duke decides to stay in town working with Charlie and Curly.

Tommy meets with Jack Nelson at his house. Oswald and Lady Diana arrive and crash the party. Earlier in the episode, Tommy and Diana slept together. In my opinion, Tommy did this for business not pleasure. Diana reveals to Lizzie in a subtle but obvious fashion that she slept with Tommy and Lizzie walks out. Diana did this on purpose and Oswald says Lizzie doesn't deserve Tommy. Tommy agrees with them but for the right reasons. Tommy realizes he's just like the scum that sits with him at the table and that Lizzie deserves better.

The last scene of the episode is an associate of Jack Nelson's visiting Michael in prison. The associate asks Michael a question and Michael's release depends on his answer. Before the associate even asks the question, Michael knows what to do. Michael mentions that he has consulted with Polly in his dreams and that he will the one to kill Tommy Shelby. The screen cuts to black and the episode is over.

Next week's finale will be an explosive one with Tommy's enemies coming after him. Finally we get a glimpse of Jack Nelson's plan to kill Tommy and take the Shelby family down. It should be an action-packed episode that ends the series in a way that satisfies the fans.

What did you think of Season 6 Episode 5 of Peaky Blinders? Leave it in the comments below.

Grade: A

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