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'Peaky Blinders' Season 6 Episode 6 SPOILER Finale Review: Lock and Key

Courtesy of BBC

The series finale of Peaky Blinders is finally here. After six seasons of fantastic television, the end of Peaky Blinders the show is here, but the story is not over. That was clearly teased in the series finale. A Peaky Blinders movie has been announced. The film will begin production in 2023. There have been questions surrounding the finale and how it ends. Let's break it all down in this week's recap.

The episode starts with Michael finally getting out of prison. Michael finally has the opportunity to kill Tommy. Tommy talks to Lizzie and Lizzie can't take it anymore. After Tommy being unfaithful to her with Lady Diana, Lizzie has had enough and has decided to leave Tommy. Tommy agrees to find her a place to live. Tommy talks to his son Charles who has decided he wants to live with Lizzie. Charles says Lizzie is more of a mom to him than Tommy is a dad. Tommy agrees to this but you can tell it hurts him.

Michael meets with his wife Gina. They talk about their plan to kill Tommy. Gina tells Michael that Arthur has to die as well. Michael does not want to kill Arthur but realizes that Arthur will come after him once he kills Tommy. They plan to have members of the IRA kill Arthur and Michael will kill Tommy himself.

Arthur meets with Tommy at his office. Arthur broke into Tommy's office and found out Tommy's illness. Arthur is upset Tommy didn't tell him and tries to convince Tommy to tell the rest of the family. Tommy refuses to tell the rest of the family because he doesn't want them to see him like that. Arthur and Tommy fight for a little bit in the office but then embrace each other in the end as Tommy says there is still work to be done.

Tommy meets with the family and tells them he is going to Canada to pick up $5 million dollars as a part of the deal with Jack Nelson. He tells the rest of the family to clean out his house since he won't be living there anymore. Tommy is setting up a trap for informant Billy Grade and that plan will take place in Tommy's house. He also knows the IRA plans to kill Arthur and will set up a trap for them. That just leaves Michael and Tommy has a plan for him as well.

The Peaky Blinders boys go to Tommy's house and wait for Billy to arrive. Billy arrives with Finn and the plan commences. They pull a gun on Billy with Duke leading. Finn is confused as Billy is one of his best friends. Finn grabs a gun and tries to shoot Duke but the first two chambers in the gun are empty. Duke tells Finn he's more of a Shelby than Finn is and shoots and kills Billy. Finn tells Duke he will come after him but Duke doesn't seem concerned.

The IRA goes to the bar where Arthur is at. They try to sneak up on him but Arthur and Charlie are ready. They trap the IRA and send them outside to kill them because Arthur doesn't want to mess up his pub. Arthur and Charlie go outside to kill the IRA but suddenly an IRA sniper shoots at Arthur and Charlie. A gunfight commences with Arthur and Charlie winning the fight. Arthur gets his revenge for Aunt Polly by killing Captain Swing.

Finally Michael and Tommy meet again. Michael's plan is to kill Tommy using an explosive bomb while Tommy is sitting in a car alone. Tommy goes back to Miquelon Island to meet with with Michael. Michael's plan seems to be in motion but you can never outsmart Tommy Shelby. Tommy has Johnny Dogs switch the explosive bomb and put it in the other car where Michael's associates are sitting. The other car explodes and Michael thinks Tommy is dead. Michael realizes it was the wrong car that blew up and now sees Tommy pointing a gun at him. They talk for a little then Tommy shoots and kills him. As Aunt Polly said "There will be a war in this family, and one of you will die." Aunt Polly's prophecy came true with the death of Michael Gray.

Tommy has a farewell dinner with the family. He tells them he is going away but doesn't reveal for how long. Tommy tells Ada that she should be a politician and if a seat in the house opens, she should take it. Tommy looks for Arthur but he is not there. Tommy tells Linda to look after Arthur. Tommy tells his son Charles to look after Lizzie and take care of her. Ada asks Tommy how long he will be gone for and what is happening with him. Tommy refuses to answer and rides off into the sunset.

A month later passes and we see Tommy's new life. He's living out in the mountains in a carriage. We see Tommy get a gun, put rounds to it, and put it to his head. He's about to kill himself but then sees his daughter Ruby. Ruby tells Tommy to not kill himself and there is still something to live for. Tommy sees a picture of his doctor with Mosley and Lady Diana. Tommy realizes that his diagnosis is fake and his doctor was working for Mosley and Lady Diana.

Tommy head to his doctor's house. The doctor confirms he was working for Mosley and Lady Diana. Tommy threatens to kill him but he doesn't. Tommy says "the only thing that can kill Tommy Shelby is Tommy Shelby." Tommy rides back to his carriage and sees it set on fire by a man. Tommy rides off but we don't know where he is going. Will he live somewhere else? Will he get revenge on Mosley and Lady Diana? Will he go back to his family and try to reunite with Lizzie? The story isn't over and these questions should be answered in the feature film.

Peaky Blinders has been a show that's graced our screen for six great seasons. The character of Tommy Shelby is seen as one of the coolest characters in television history. Peaky Blinders has made a cultural impact not just in the UK but all over the world. The show will be missed greatly but at least we have a film to look forward to. By order of the Peaky Fookin Blinders.

What did you think of the series finale of Peaky Blinders? Leave it in the comments below.

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