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'The Book of Boba Fett' Chapter 3 SPOILER Review: The Streets of Mos Espa

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Chapter three of The Book of Boba Fett premiered today on Disney+. This chapter focused more of Boba in the present than in the past. I am glad we got to focus on the present because the show was starting to lose its balance by only focusing on the past. With focusing on the present, did this make chapter three the best episode? Let's break it down.

The episode starts with Boba holding a briefing. Boba's briefing gets delayed by a guest named Lortha Peel. Peel tells Boba that no one respects him Tatooine. Peel says crime has been running through the streets and a gang of criminals has stolen the water he sells. Boba decides to investigate the situation and finds the criminals that have been stealing Peel's water. The criminals tell Boba that they stole the water because they can't find any work and Peel's prices for water are ridiculous. Boba tells the criminals that they can work for him and gives Peel 500 credits for the stolen water. Boba also tells Peel to lower his prices. The criminals agree to work for Boba and follow him back to the palace.

Boba is back in the water and he dreams about his time as a child and sees a ship fly away. His father Jango Fett could possibly be on the ship and that could be the last time Boba sees his father. We then cut to Boba's time with the Tuskens. The Tuskens send Boba out on a mission. Boba goes to the leader of the Pyke syndicate to get the money for the protection of the Tuskens in their territory. The leader of the Pyke syndicate tells Boba that someone has collected money for the protection and it is the bikers. Boba goes back to the Tuskens' village and sees that they have been wiped out by the bikers.

Boba then wakes up in his tank and is immediately attacked by the evil wookie Black Krrsantan. Boba has some of the worst security in the world because how did this wookie get in the palace to attack Boba. Boba and the evil wookie have an intense fight with the evil wookie gaining the upper hand. The criminals come in to help Boba. The wookie tries to escape but Boba's two bodyguards attack the wookie. The evil wookie hurts one of the guards but Fennec saves the day and drops the wookie into the pit.

The two hutts come to visit Boba and apologize for sending Black Krrsantan to kill him. The hutts tell Boba that this territory was promised to another Syndicate by the mayor. As a tribute to Boba, the hutts give him a Rancor. The Rancor's trainer is played by the legendary Danny Trejo. Boba releases Black Krrsanatn from the pit and he runs away.

Boba visits the mayor after hearing his territory was promised to another Syndicate. The mayor's henchmen is there and says the mayor is busy and cannot see him. Boba threatens the henchmen and the henchmen says he can move the mayor's schedule around. The henchmen goes into the mayor's quarters and after some time, locks the doors. Boba and Fennec open the door and find the henchmen gone. This leads into a high speed chase between the criminals and the henchmen. After some time, the henchmen drives into some fruit and gives up who the mayor is working for. The mayor is working for the Pykes and that is the Syndicate who will rule Tatooine. Boba and Fennec discuss this and decide they are ready to go to war. That is the end of the episode.

I liked how this episode focused on the present with Boba Fett and I think we will see the present a lot more throughout the series. I think the addition of the criminals was not necessary to the story. Boba feels like a ruler who is too nice. There have been multiple instances where Boba has given second chances to people who haven't deserved them. We haven't seen his ruthless side yet and I am waiting for that. Once we see that, this show will be more enjoyable.

Grade: B

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