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'The Book of Boba Fett' Chapter 6 Review: From the Desert Comes a Stranger SPOILER Review

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Last week's chapter of The Book of Boba Fett saw the series took the next step in terms of story and quality. The episode left off with Mando agreeing to help Boba in his war, but first he needed to see an old friend. This left fans speculating whether Mando was going to visit Grogu and Luke. This chapter of The Book of Boba Fett kept the momentum of Chapter 5 and expanded on it. Let's break it all down.

Chapter 6 of The Book of Boba Fett starts with the Pykes visiting the town of Freetown. The Pykes are trying to run Spice in the town but are confronted by Cobb Vanth. Vanth tells the Pykes to get out of the town but some of the Pykes don't listen/ Vanth shoots three Pykes and tells the last Pyke to get out and tell the boss they can't run Spice here. We then cut to Mando flying through the galaxy in thrr Starfighter and goes to the place where Grogu is. Mando immediately sees R2D2 and asks him to take him to see Luke Skywalker. R2 takes him to the place where Luke's school is being built by other droids. The droids even build a bench for Mando to sit on.

We cut to Grogu and Luke training together. The technology that is involved in creating a young Luke Skywalker again is astonishing. It actually feels like a young Mark Hamill is there and not a deep-fake. He looks and sounds like a young Luke Skywalker and it absolutely blew me away. I kept thinking to myself "this is so fricking cool." Grogu and young Luke are practicing using the force. Luke mentions that Grogu looks like an old mentor of his Yoda. Yoda shaped Luke as a jedi and now Luke wants to do the same for Grogu.

Mando is still sitting there where he sees Ahsoka. Ahsoka tells Mando she was sent by Luke and asks Mando why he is here. Mando states he wants to see Grogu. Ahsoka asks Mando if he wants to see Grogu for himself or to actually see Grogu. Mando wants to give Grogu the thing he made for him. Ahsoka says she will give it to Grogu herself. Ahsoka says Grogu misses Mando deeply and if he sees Mando it will make it harder for him. Mando decides to give it to Ahsoka and leave. Grogu sees Mando's ship in the distance and knows he was there.

Mando returns to Tatooine to reunite with Boba. Boba and Fennec are having a meeting with all of their soldiers. Fennec states that they still need more soldiers on the ground. Mando days he can help that. Mando goes to Freetown to speak with Cobb Vanth. Mando wants Cobb Vanth and his team to help Boba in his war. Cobb says his people don't want to fight any more. Mando says the Pykes are going to go through every territory to run spice and that they need to be ready. Cobb tells Mando he will talk to his people and see what he can do.

After Mando leaves, Cobb gets a visit from a mysterious figure. This mysterious figure is Cad Bane. He says whatever Boba is paying you, we'll match and all you have to do is let things play out. Cobb and Cad have an intense back and forth which leads to Cad shooting both Cobb and Cobb's deputy. Cad's impact is felt and lets us all know that the Pykes mean business.

We cut to Luke and Grogu sitting inside of the school. Luke tells Grogu that Mando was here and that he brought him a gift. The gift is Mandalorian armor. Luke says he has another gift for Grogu and it is a lightsaber. Luke says he can only choose one gift. If he chooses the Mandalorian armor, he goes back to Mando and can no longer train to become a jedi. If he takes the lightsaber, he will be the first student in Luke's jedi school and he will learn the ways of the force. The episode ends with Grogu perplexed on what to do as the screen cuts to the black.

This episode was the best in the series. Seeing Mando, young Luke, Ahsoka, and Grogu again make this a fun episode to watch. Finally seeing the Pykes do some real damage in wake of the season finale was also great. The season finale should be an exciting one with questions still looming. It will be interesting to see what path Grogu chooses.

What did you think of Chapter 6 of The Book of Boba Fett? Leave it in the comments below.

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