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Loki Episode 5: Who Created the TVA?

Courtesy of Marvel Studios

The latest episode of Loki premiered yesterday and I'm glad to say, Marvel does it again. At first I was nervous about the TV shows. Don't get me wrong I love the Marvel movies, but I was unsure how they would do their TV shows. I'm glad to report that they're doing amazing. Loki episode 5 keeps the momentum from previous episodes and leads us into an exciting finale. There are some questions that need to be answered. The big question is: Who created the TVA?

This question was prevalent throughout the entire episode and series. Multiple people are trying to find an answer, but for different reasons. Sylvie and Loki want to find who created the TVA so they can burn the TVA to the ground. The evil Judge Renslayer wants to find this person, so she can warn them about Sylvie and Loki. So, who created the TVA? The obvious answer is Kang the Conqueror. The theory is he created the TVA and the fake timekeepers we saw in episode 4. Jonathan Majors was cast in Kang the Conqueror for Ant Man 3. He could be introduced in the final episode as the person behind all of this. I want to propose another idea. What if it's not Kang the Conqueror? Marvel could be swerving us and we're all falling for the bait. Everyone is expecting it to be Kang but what if it's someone else. I am personally expecting it to be Kang, but I wanted to throw that idea out there just in case it wasn't him.

Another big question is: What will happen to Sylvie and Loki? Will they live happily ever after? Will they find who created the TVA and burn the TVA to the ground? I love seeing them together, but I have a fear it's all coming to an end in the finale. I have a fear they will either go their separate ways or they will both die permanently. I am excited for episode 6 and all that will come out of it in future Marvel shows or movies.

What did you think of episode 5? What do you think will happen in the finale? Leave your comments below.

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