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'Ordinary Joe' Episode 10 SPOILER Review: Snow Globe

Courtesy of NBC

After a break during the holiday season, Ordinary Joe is back. Episode 10 premiered last night on NBC and the story picks up immediately from the last episode. It's the beginning of the new year and all three Joe's are dealing with some hardship in their lives. Let's break it all down.

Cop Joe is dealing with injuries after running into a burning building. Before running in the building, Joe told Amy that he loves her. Joe tells Amy he appreciates her spending time with him in the hospital. Jenny and her husband find out Lucas needs spinal fusion surgery. They need Jenny's blood and Joe's blood just in case a blood transfusion is needed. Jenny and her husband make the decision to tell Joe that he is the father of Lucas. Jenny and her husband meet Joe and tell him he is the father of Lucas and they may need his blood for the spinal fusion surgery. At first Joe is shocked he has a son but agrees to give his blood if needed. Joe tells Amy he has a son and Amy encourages Joe to tell his mom that she has a grandson. Amy decides to go on a podcast to get message out after being fired from Bobby Diaz's campaign after his arrest. The podcast goes well at first but Amy gets questioned by the host over her affair with Diaz. Amy gets upset and storms out of the interview. Joe tells his mom that she has a grandson on the night she is being honored at her music school. Joe's mom like Joe is shocked but wants to meet her grandson at the ceremony she is honored at. Joe goes to his mom's ceremony and meets Jenny and Lucas there. Joe's mom meets Lucas and has him sit in the front row next to her. They sing a song and the good times are rolling. At the end, Amy tells Joe she loves him too.

Nurse Joe deals with Jenny leaving for Atlanta again after spending Christmas and New Years together. Joe still has the help of Kinsley, the nurse aid he hired to help with Christopher. Christopher and Joe will be singing together at his mother's ceremony. Christopher feels nervous about singing because Jenny won't be there and Jenny is his good luck charm. Joe and Kinsley assure Christopher that he will be great up there and won't freeze. Joe and Kinsley then have a discussion about why they chose to go into nursing field. Joe tells Kinsley that he needed to take care of his family financially and helping people is always great. Kinsley decided to become a nurse because of the coronavirus pandemic and seeing all the nurses and doctors sacrifice themselves for their patients inspired her to be a nurse. Joe's mother dreams of reconnecting with an old lover during the ceremony. She sent him an invitation but didn't hear back from him. Kinsley encourages Joe's mom to ask him out if he shows up. Joe's mom sees the man at the ceremony and accepts her offer of dinner. Joe and Christopher sing on stage together and Christopher doesn't freeze. That ends the episode for nurse Joe.

Rockstar Joe is dealing with a lot of issues. Previous episodes Joe found out Amy had an affair with Bobby Diaz. Joe was hurt by this but decided to give his relationship another chance. The beginning of this episode Joe finds out from Jenny that Zeke wants to meet them. Joe is excited by this news and asks Amy if it's okay. Amy supports Joe and wants him to meet his son. Amy still hasn't told Joe she is pregnant with Bobby Diaz's child. Amy suggests that they invite Jenny and her husband to dinner to discuss everything. Jenny tells her husband about her relationship and child with Joe. Jenny's husband is upset by this information. He feels like he is a fool for inviting Joe to Jenny's birthday party. Jenny and her husband meet Joe and Amy for dinner and Jenny's husband is still hostile. He says nothing good can come out of this for him. Jenny gets emotional and storms off. Joe and Jenny meet with Zeke and his adoptive parents at an ice cream shop. They seem to be getting along well but Zeke asks why they gave him up. Joe and Jenny tell Zeke they gave him up because they weren't ready to be parents and are thankful that he has great parents. Joe and Zeke are at Joe's mom's ceremony and even sing together. It is a great moment for Joe and he seems genuinely happy. This comes crashing down when Amy tells Joe she is pregnant with Bobby Diaz's child. Joe's face tells the whole story as he says nothing but we can see he is upset. The episode ends there for rockstar Joe.

Grade: B-

What did you think of episode 10 of Ordinary Joe? Leave it in the comments below.

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