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'Ordinary Joe' Episode 6 Review: Always Do The Right Thing

Courtesy of NBC

This week's episode of Ordinary Joe saw Joe deal with telling his wife that he has a son, dealing with a case against Bobby Diaz that involves Uncle Frank, and dealing with Jenny being in Atlanta and having take of Chris on his own. Let's breakdown all that happened this episode with all three Joe's.

Cop Joe in this episode is dealing with the case of Bobby Diaz. We found out last episode that Diaz payed $100,000 of his campaign funds to his former lover Carrie Coleman. It was revealed Coleman later died and Joe and Jenny believe Diaz had something to do with it. Amy starts to believe this as well and gave evidence to Joe to hopefully put Diaz in jail for his crime. Amy sees Uncle Frank at the campaign headquarters and sees Frank and Bobby being friendly towards each other. Joe revealed to Amy that he gave the evidence to his uncle because he is his training officer. Frank tells Joe that he messed up as a cop after Joe's father died and Diaz took care of everything. Frank says if Bobby didn't help him, his career and marriage would be on the line. Joe is confronted by both Amy and Jenny and tries to explain the situation but they don't want to hear it. They want to arrest Bobby. Joe has a decision to make. Will he protect his Uncle Frank or will he do the right thing? Joe makes the decision to do the right thing and brings the evidence to Jenny. Joe arrests Bobby Diaz and his Uncle Frank is disappointed by his choice. He fears he will lose his job and his marriage. We'll see how this all plays out.

Nurse Joe deals with the transition of Jenny being away in Atlanta. All seems to be a disaster in the beginning. He forgets to charge his son's wheelchair and doesn't pick out the right outfit for Chris. Chris wants to impress the girl he is in the play with. Joe has taken on the job of being Bobby Diaz's physical therapist. Joe shows up late to Diaz's home and Diaz is distraught. He doesn't believe he will ever walk again and doesn't want physical therapy. Joe tries to convince him to keep going but Bobby doesn't see the point and eventually leaves. At school, Chris reveals to Joe that they are bringing home a hamster to take care of for one night. It's the next day and Joe can't find the hamster. Chris tells Joe he needs the hamster to impress the girl he likes, so he can tell her tips and tricks on how to take care of it. Joe can't find the hamster and eventually buys a gerbil and Chris and the girl he likes doesn't know the difference. Joe and Chris stop by Bobby Diaz's house and Diaz reveals he is quitting politics. Diaz's wife comments on how he love what he does, so she doesn't see a reason he needs to retire. Diaz fears his condition will prevent him from being a good politician. Chris inspires Bobby to keep going and if he loves what he is doing, he should keep doing it no matter what. Bobby holds a press conference and reveals he will still be a congressman for his district. We also see Uncle Frank appear in Joe's apartment. He doesn't look like what he looks like in the other timelines. His hair is a mess and has a full beard. He tells Joe he needs some money and he'll be out of his way. Joe embraces Uncle Frank and is shocked to see him. That was the end of the episode for Nurse Joe and we'll see what continues to happen without Jenny being there.

Rockstar Joe had an interesting episode. Last time we saw Amy and Bobby Diaz sleep together because she thought Joe was having an affair with Jenny. Joe sees a video of his son Zeke singing and decides to do a duet with him. Jenny sees the video of them singing together and doesn't like it. Joe's team wants him and Zeke to sing at the rally for Amy but he refuses. Joe then tells Eric that Zeke is his son. Joe and Amy finally talk and Amy confronts Joe about him having an affair with Jenny. Joe denies having the affair and tells Amy that the reason he was with Jenny is because they have a son together. Amy can't handle all of this and feels guilty for cheating on Joe with Bobby but she doesn't tell him. It's the night of the rally and Amy is giving her speech. Out of nowhere a man comes towards the stage and pulls out a gun. The man shoots Bobby and Amy. Joe goes towards Amy and she seems okay but Bobby is laid out on the stage. Uncle Frank goes towards Bobby and gives a signal to Joe that he is dead. That was the end of the episode of Rockstar Joe. We will see how the shooting affects both Amy and Joe.

What did you think of this episode? Leave it in the comments below.

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