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'Ozark' Season 4 Part 1 SPOILER Review: What Will Happen Next?

Courtesy of Netflix

The final season of Ozark is split into two parts with the first part premiering on Netflix on January 21st. Fans have been waiting for two years to see what would happen with Byrde family after the events of season 3. Part 1 of season 4 brought the things fans love about the show. Something is always happening and the show is never slow even through its mundane points. During this review we're going to break down all of the big moments in part 1 of season 4 and look into what can happen in part 2 of season 4.

Part 1 of season 4 starts with a bang in the first scene as the Byrdes are driving and suddenly they get into a horrific car crash. The car flips several times and leaves us hanging for the whole season of what happened to the Byrdes. We then cut to moments after the ending of season 3 as we see Marty and Wendy cleaning Helen's blood off their skin. They are then introduced to Omar's nephew Javi who throughout the season is a thorn in the side of the Byrdes. Omar then meets alone with Marty and Wendy and tells them he wants out of the cartel business and their relationship with him is over if he can provide full immunity for him and his family. If they can't get it done, they will be killed Omar states. This is the main challenge for the Byrdes all season. Other challenges arise throughout the season including one in the family.

Part 1 of season 4 sees Jonah Byrde become someone we haven't seen before. After he finds out that his Uncle Ben was killed because of Wendy, he starts to resent her. This includes Jonah getting involved with Darlene, Ruth, and Wyatt's business. Jonah agrees to money launder for their heroin business. This causes a lot of strain on the Byrde family especially between Marty and Wendy. Wendy has drastic ways of straightening Jonah out. This includes putting Jonah in jail. Marty has a different approach and allows Jonah for the most part to work with Ruth. The only person Jonah can seem to stand is his sister Charlotte. Jonah is afraid Charlotte will become just like his mother. Charlotte starts to show those tendencies Wendy has throughout the season. She even rips up her SAT exam. This causes Jonah to be even more concerned as well as Marty, but their relationship is still good.

The big wild card this season is new character Javi. Javi is the nephew of cartel leader Omar Navarro. Javi proves to be a thorn in the side of the Byrdes all season. First, he kills Sheriff John Nix who was in the pocket of Darlene. Javi starts taking an interest in the Byrdes and his presence is felt. Javi inserts himself in a deal between the Byrdes and Clare Shaw. Shaw is the CEO of Shaw Medical Solutions, a big pharmaceutical company. Wendy uses Shaw as a pawn in her political schemes. Wendy needs money from Shaw to open up rehabilitation centers in Shaw's name. Shaw cares about this because her father ruined the company's good name by fueling the opioid crisis. Javi worms his way into the deal forcing the Byrdes to work with him.

With all of this going around, Wendy is trying to build up the family's political empire. They are trying to become the most powerful family in the Midwest. This is all determined if they can get out of the cartel. The Byrdes beg Maya to meet with Omar to discuss the terms of his relationship with the FBI. Maya and Omar meet a couple of times with nothing substantial happening. Omar tips off the Byrdes and Maya of a deal happening. Javi starts to get suspicious after his guys get arrested and places a future deal, this time placing explosives inside of the truck and blowing up the federal agents. Javi succeeds and Mays starts to get angry.

Before we get to the final events, we'll talk about two more characters Darlene and Wyatt. Their relationship is the strangest thing happening in the show. Wyatt is basically dating his grandmother while taking care of Zeke. His loyalty to Darlene makes him miss an opportunity to leave the Ozarks with Ruth. His devotion to Darlene gets him in sticky situations a couple of times. A couple of times he has to clean the mess of Darlene after she kills someone. This leaves Wyatt conflicted and wanting to leave but his loyalty and love for Darlene forces him to stay.

The FBI and Omar agree to a deal that will have him in charge of the cartel for 5 years and he will report what he does to them. Of course Javi doesn't know this. Omar tries to board a flight back to Mexico and is arrested by Maya and her team. This forces the FBI to strike a deal with Javi. At the start of the season, Omar and Javi warned Darlene to stop with her heroin operation. Darlene didn't listen of course. Javi pays Darlene and Wyatt a visit and kills them both. Ruth goes to Darlene's house and sees Darlene and Wyatt both dead and takes Zeke with her. She goes to the Byrde's house and says she wants to know who did this. Jonah tells Ruth that Javi killed them. The last shot is Ruth driving off looking for revenge.

This season of Ozark was well done. All of the storylines leave you on the edge of your seat. The end of part 1 makes you yearn for part 2 to come quickly. My prediction for part 2 is all of the Byrdes will die. I can't see a scenario where they make it out alive and live a normal life again. I believe Javi will be the one to kill them all and will continue to rule the cartel. As a result of this, I see Ruth dying too. All of our main characters will die and the cartel will live on.

Grade: A+

What do you think of Ozark Season 4 Part 1? Leave it in the comments below.

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