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'Loki' Episode 6: A Glorious Finale

Courtesy of Marvel Studios

The final episode of Loki premiered yesterday and it was glorious. We finally met the person who was behind the TVA all along. As many theories guessed it, it was Kang the Conqueror. Kang the Conqueror appears to be the newest big villain in the MCU. His appearance in Loki will have implications in the MCU for years to come. Jonathan Majors, who plays Kang the Conqueror, was great in this episode. I am excited to see what he does next with the character in Ant Man and the Wasp: Quantunmania. Kang explains to Loki and Sylvie that he created the TVA because he needed to. He needed to save the world from a multiverse war that would create chaos. He claims he has different variants that are much more dangerous than him. After hearing this, Loki starts to question everything. He starts to question the mission Sylvie and him are on. It creates a new dynamic between the characters. Before this, Loki and Sylvie were friends and maybe even potential lovers. But now, everything has changed.

After hearing Loki's beliefs, Sylvie starts to fight Loki. They have an intense battle with Sylvie eventually winning. She sends Loki back to the TVA and "kills" Kang. If you know anything about the MCU, Kang is not dead. He will come back in a new form or reincarnated and cause some serious havoc. The multiverse concept of Kang will be a big proponent of two upcoming MCU movies: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Spider-Man: No Way Home. Both movies are expected to deal with the multiverse in a big way. Loki, who is now at the TVA, warns Mobius of a big threat coming. Mobius dealt with a lot this episode as well. Mobius said goodbye to his friend, Judge Renslayer. Judge Renslayer went on a mission to find the purpose for the TVA. She believes that none of this happened for no reason. She believes there was a purpose for everything. After Loki tells Mobius of the imminent threat, Mobius says something interesting. Mobius starts to act like he doesn't know Loki. He acts as if this was the first time he has met Loki. I was confused after watching this, but I am excited to see how Marvel explains this. Could this be a result of Kang? Did he do something to Loki to make him unrecognizable to Mobius? We will eventually find out.

The end credit scene did not disappoint as we find out there will be a Loki Season 2. I am really looking forward to seeing another season. This was my favorite MCU show on Disney Plus. It had everything that a Marvel fan would love. It had big reveals, good action, good story, and good banter. Tom Hiddleston is great every time as Loki and I am thrilled to see him play the character again. We know the MCU is always changing, so it will be interesting to see what it looks like by the time season 2 comes out. Will it take place immediately after season 1? Will it take place after the newest MCU movies? We don't know the answer to these questions, but we can't wait till they get answered.

Rating: 4.5/5

What did you think of Loki? Are you excited for season 2? Leave your opinion in the comments below.

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